After giving a141% boost to the overall market last weekend,Life Is A Miracle sold another24,876 admissions this weekend and will pass the Serbian-Montenegrinblockbuster benchmark of 100,000 spectators by the end of the week.

Kusturica'slatest offering now stands at total gross of $257,223.

The only openerof the weekend, Tuck's Dodgeballlanded in third position, behind the same company's Anacondas 2: Hunt For The Blood Orchid. The former sold 1,458tickets compared to the latter's 1,702, but due to higher admission price itearned $52 more.

The Frenchanimated feature Black Mor's Islandfell into the seventh place for MCF, although it has sold more tickets thanTaramount's Stepford Wives, ProVision's Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nightsand Mirius's Twisted.