Localproduct has proven to be favourite of Serbian-Montenegrin audiences once again,with three local films occupying the top three places on this weekend's chart.Srdjan Koljevic's Red Coloured Gray Truck(Sivi kamion crvene boje), Audience Award winner at Montpellier, openedwith 14,029 admissions and cumulative gross of $60,231 for Metro.

Aftera run of five weekends on top, the territory's Oscar submission Goose Feather fell down to secondposition, having attracted 3,368 spectators to contribute to its total gross of$374,152 for First Production. Pro Vision's previous week's opener Take A Deep Breath declined 58%, selling1,940 admissions to weigh $43,113.

Withone print each being no excuse, the two other openers have disappointed hugely.Trauma sold only 46 tickets forMirius as 288 people who saw it at Cinemania obviously created a bad word ofmouth that sparse publicity could hardly mend, while Taramount's Italian Don't Move has done somewhat better with55 admissions (820 including a preview) considering that it had no publicity atall.

However,the Colin Firth-Mena Suvari thriller ended up at the 20th place thanks tohigher admission price, while the Italian feature went to number 25.