Unlike in themost of the international territories, TheDay After Tomorrow has not managed to open at number one in Serbia andMontenegro. Roland Emmerich's disaster monster sold 14,565 admissions to gross$60,776 for Tuck. The same distributor's Troyhas held the pole position in its third weekend, adding 19,081 admissions tothe total of 138,657 with cumulative gross of $450,582.

Millennium's Intolerable Cruelty is in third placewith 1,298 tickets for the weekend. The Cohen brothers' comedy sold less than When I Grow Up I'll Be A Kangaroo(1,680) and Passion Of The Christ(1,705), but thanks to higher admission price, took $4,380, while itscompetitors earned $3,857 and $3,811 respectively for the weekend.

Pro Vision'slocal favourite Fall Into Paradise!fell to the fifth place with 1,217 admissions and $2,246 in its sixth weekend,while Tuck's 50 First Dates attracted519 spectators and earned a total of $32,585.

Delta Video's Girl With A Pearl Earring scored thehighest jump, 55% compared to previous weekend and is at the eighth place with569 tickets and three-day gross of $1,287.