Alexander opened this weekend in pole position inSerbia and Montenegro. With only six prints, an unusually low number for apicture of its scope even in such a small territory, Oliver Stone's epic sold16,715 admissions for the weekend, and with previews that started on Tuesday,it has now grossed $110,264 for Mirius.

Out of threeother openers this weekend, Notebook did the best, attracting 1,049spectators to spend $3,583. Along with figures from Cinemania, the latest NickCassavetes' offering has cumulative gross of $6,817 for Tuck. Pro Vision's Besiegedentered at number 12 with only 430 tickets and $1,546, while Bosnian SummerIn The Golden Valley disappointed vastly at the 16th place, selling only155 admissions to earn $518 on four prints for Cinears.