Openingthis weekend with only 1,400 admissions and total gross of $6,307, Hellboy managed to enter in third placeat the Serbian-Montenegrin chart for Tuck, leaving last weekend's favourites I, Robot and Jersey Girl at the top. Tuck's Will Smith vehicle declined 41%compared to the previous weekend, but still held pole position with 2,474tickets and a weekend gross of $8,144. Pro Vision's Kevin Smith story rose 2%and attracted 2,092 spectators for $6,119.

Theonly other opener, Taramount's Jean-Jacques Annaud's Two Brothers entered at seventh, selling 755 tickets and earning atotal of $2,151 including previews.

Thebiggest disappointment of the season in the territory, Spider-Man 2 fell to the 14th place after a 54% decline. Tuck'stitle sold 339 tickets and has cumulative gross of $166,395 after nineweekends.