The Serbian Academy ofFilm Arts and Science has selected Oleg Novkovic's Tomorrow Morning for its submission for consideration for the BestForeign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

The drama tells the story of a generation of30-somethings who grew up in the nightmare of the war in former Yugoslavia andconfront their past when one friend comes back to Serbia after 12 years ofliving abroad. Uliks Fehimiu, Nebojsa Glogovac, Nada Sargin and Lazar Ristovskistar in the production from Ristovki's Zillion Company production. Novkovic isbest known for Tell Me Why Have You LeftMe (1993) and Normal People(2001). Tomorrow Morning has beenshown at festivals including Montreal, Alexandria, Copenhagen, Haifa, Turin, Talin and Cleveland.

Although this year 20 films were completedin Serbia, only six have been released in the theaters, and Zdravko Sotra's Ivko's Fete (the biggest local gross ofthe year) wasn't eligible for Oscar consideration after a TV airing. This leftthe Serbian Academy of Film Art and Science with choice of five possible films tochoose their Oscar submission.