Anna Serner comes from publishing organisation Tidningsutgivarna.

Anna Serner has been appointed new CEO at The Swedish Film Institute. She succeeds Cissi Elwin, who stepped down from the position last year.

Serner comes from the job as CEO for Tidningsutgivarna, an organisation for the Swedish newspaper publishers, a job she will leave Oct 1 to start at the Film Institute. Until then, Bengt Toll will continue as acting CEO, and when Serner takes over, he will go back to his previous job as the Institute’s second in command.

“One of my most important tasks will be to make sure that film and culture gets its rightful place in society, and to ask questions about who gets to tell their stories and to emphasize how important film is,” Serner told Screen today.

There are upcoming negotiations concerning a new deal between the state and the film industry. But Serner says that since she is not taking over until Oct 1, it will be Toll who is the main negotiator for the Film Institute up until then.