Montreal-based SevilleInternational has picked up international sales rights on recording-breakingCanadian comedy Bon Cop, Bad Cop inadvance of the AFM.

The film has earned over$10.6m (C$12m) at the local box office - eight of them at the top of the Quebecbox office - and is still in cinemas through Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm.

Produced by Kevin Tierney ofPark Ex Pictures and directed by Erik Canuel, the buddy cop film about anEnglish-Canadian police detective teaming with a French-Canadian investigatorstars stars Colm Feore and Patrick Huard, based on an original idea by Huard.Huard and partner Francois Flamand of Sortie 22 Inc. are co-producers.

Seville vice president ofinternational sales Anick Poirier said in a statement, "I'm delighted tohave the opportunity to sell such a hit. Action movies are very popularinternationally, and I'm convinced it will find many buyers at the AFM."

Tierney stated, "Theenthusiasm of the Seville International team really convinced me to go withthem. I'm very happy to have found a Montreal-based company with a strongcatalogue to sell the film in foreign markets."

The film should prove an interesting case study for future productions: whileQuebecois films are generally a tough-sell outside of the province, Bon Cop - branded in Canada as the first truly bilingualfilm - was shown with French subtitles in English Canada and with Englishsubtitles in Quebec. Although it was technically a hit in English Canada, mostof its box office was earned in Quebec.