Seville International hasbooked the first eight foreign deals for Canadian hit Bon Cop, Bad Cop here at the AFM.

The film has gone toAlphaville for Brazil, Future Films for Scandinavia, RTL Televizio for Hungary,J-Bics for Thailand, D Productions for Turkey, Tandem for Bulgaria, MG for theformer Yugoslavia and Lizard Trade for Russia.

"Seville Internationalis thrilled to be selling the biggest Canadian box-office hit ever and wefirmly believe this initial success will extend to many more markets before theclose of the AFM," said Seville's Anick Poirier, VP international sales.

The film, on release nowthrough Alliance Atlantis, has already become the highest-grossing Canadianfilm of all time. Erik Canuel directed the buddy cop picture about a French-Canadiandetective and an English-Canadian investigator caught up in an inter-provincialmurder mystery. Colm Feore and Patrick Huard star. Huard originated the ideafor the film and his company with Francois Flamand, Sortie 22, areco-producers.

"I am pleasantlysurprised by all this attention, but pleased to see that what Canadianaudiences continue to respond to appeals to distributors from across theworld," added producer Kevin Tierney of Park Ex Pictures.