Perhaps the most popular screening to take place during the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Filmart to you and me) was – unsurprisingly - the world premiere invite only screening of 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.

Held away from the market’s home at the waterside Convention Centre, the screening was held at the GT Multiplex in Causeway Bay, with a capacity audience waiting eagerly for a little soft-core 3D action.

Producer Stephen Shiu’s film has been exciting a good deal of local attention prior to its release later this year (though cuts are planned for its Singapore version apparently), hence why the screening was full to capacity.

Set for a 6.00pm start, folk were still ambling in at 6.30pm, much to the chagrin of clock-watching international buyers and dedicated critics (who where there nice and early to snaffle the central seats prized by any habitual 3D viewer) with other events to go to post-screening.

With food being passed around prior to the screening and the audience showing a marked lack of enthusiasm to turn off mobile phones – let alone cease the shouting at friends and colleagues around the auditorium – this was clearly a screening littered with enthusiastic friends of the filmmakers.

This was also clear when introductions were made and it was explained that the film had been two years in the making (cheers…); that this was a private screening and the first to an industry audience (big cheers), and that the effects were not yet completed and that some 50 CGI shots were still to inserted (modest cheers).

With the audience then encouraged to “watch with enthusiasm” at 6.25pm 3D glasses were put on and the film finally started.

An appropriately thoughtful and analytical review of the film – hailed in the publicity blurb as ‘the world’s first 3D erotic film’….though I suspect others may also claim that – with follow in Screen in due course.

The official flyer also stated ‘2011 desires unleashed’…though I think that may refer to the fact that the film is released in 2011 rather than the amount of ‘desires unleashed’ through the film – in fact I can confirm that, as I counted only 2000 desires unleashed throughout the film.