Despite a high-profile marketing campaign, Hong Kong's hottest star, Jackie Chan, was unable to outperform local competitor Shaolin Soccer on their mutual home ground.

After 11 days on release, Chan's martial arts action comedy had grossed $1.3m (HK$10.5m) through Sunday August 26, while during the same period Soccer (pictured) scored $3.7m (HK$29m).

The local comedy, directed by and starring Stephen Chiau Sing-chi, has now grossed a massive $7.4m (HK$58m) to date and continues to perform spectacularly after seven weeks on release.

Rush Hour 2's gross is still a strong result, however. Veteran film critic Law Kar told the South China Morning Post, "Not many films can make HK$10m these days and so Rush Hour 2's HK$10m is quite good if one does not compare it to Shaolin Soccer, which is an exceptionally good production". Distributor Golden Scene also saw Chan's sequel debut of $714,559 outshine its predecessor by 33%.