Thetop two international titles eased passed $50m this weekend as Shark Taleheld the lead and Collateral climbed back to fourth following a host ofnumber one launches for both films.

DreamWorks Animation's latest hit opened in multipleEuropean territories spearheaded by number one positions in the UK ($13.6mincluding previews, $9.1m without), France ($4.2m) and Germany ($3.5m).

Numberones were also seen in Belgium, Poland and Austria with the Czech Republicproviding the only exception where Shark Tale had to settle for secondplace behind the seemingly unstoppable success of local hit Loop The Loop(Horem Padem) which led for a fifth consecutive week.

Collateral'srise was led by a pole position in Italy ($2.7m) with Spain ($2.2m), Australia($1.8m) and South Korea ($1.6m) providing back-up.

Thehighest (and only) new entry on the chart was French title Arsene Lupin. Frenchand Swiss debuts for the film, which stars Romain Duris as the eponymous thief,through SND and Ascot Elite respectively, landed the film in ninth position onthe international table. Kristin Scott Thomas also stars.

Holdingin third Steven Spielberg's The Terminal has surpassed its NorthAmerican gross and remains on course to reach $100m.

MeanwhileWayans Brothers' comedy White Chicks (starring Marlon and Shawn,directed by Keenan Ivory) climbed into the top five following UK and Spanishlaunches which managed second and fourth places in the charts of the respectiveterritories.

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Theinternational table is compiled each week by Leonard Klady for ScreenInternational.