Shochiku has closed amulti-picture deal with Houston-based ADV Films which has acquired two features- Ghost Train and Synesthesia - and TV series Le Chevalier D'Eon from the Japanese studio.

Under the terms of thedeal, ADV has acquired North American theatrical, video and TV rights to thetwo features - as well as video, TV and VoD rights to hit animated TVseries Le Chevalier D'Eon forNorth America, UK, Australia and English-speaking African territories.

North American releaseplans have yet to be announced but ADV plans to release the three titles beforesummer 2007.

Live-action feature GhostTrain, based on the urban legend ofthe haunted train, is directed by Takeshi Furusawa and stars Erika Sawajiri.

Synesthesia is a suspense thriller involving two characters witha real-life condition in which one type of sense stimulation evokes thesensation of another - ie a sound produces a colour in the mind of thesufferer. Directed by Toru Matsuura, the film stars Yosuke Eguchi, MasanobuAndo and Aoi Miyazaki.

Gothic mystery TV series, LeChevalier D'Eon, is directed byKazuhiro Furuhashi from an original story by Tow Ubukata.

ADV is the leadingproducer and distributor of Japanese animation outside of Japan and has theworld's largest English-language anime library with titles such as FullMetal Panic and Hello Kitty. Its parent-company, AD Vision Inc, owns the AnimeNetwork and publishing arms Newtype USA and ADV Manga.