Six of Berlin's Shooting Stars will travel to Danish NatFilm Festival, for its opening gala on March 27 in Copenhagen.

Among the European talent attending are Denmark own Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Iceland's Nina Dögg Filippusdóttir, Norway's Kristoffer Joner, Finland's Minna Haapkulä and Germany's Daniel Brühl.

Apart from the busy Danish film industry the young talents will have a chance to meet the festival's star, Harriet Andersson. The icon of Swedish cinema, her career spans her breakthrough in Ingmar Bergman's Summer With Monika in 1953 to Lars von Trier's highly anticipated Dogville opposite Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall this year.

Harriet Andersson will be present at the opening gala and the festival will screen a number of her films. The festival programme will be announced on March 7, and will feature some 150 films including Japanese gangster films, films from Bollywood and European as well as Middle Eastern films.

NatFilm is a non-competitive festival, and the biggest film event in Denmark with some 40,000 admissions. NatFilm's 14th edition will begin in Copenhagen and Malmoe (Sweden) from March 28 until April 6. It is the first time the festival takes place in both the Danish capital and the southern-most part of Sweden.