Sergio Myers’ action film stars Patrick Kilpatrick and Joseph Aviel. Shoreline will kick off sales at the AFM next week.

The Zombinator charts a terrifying descent into nightmare as college students come face-to-face with undead beings created by a sinister corporation. Their only hope is a former soldier turned zombie killer.

Myers said his inspiration for the story came from a visit to Youngstown, Ohio. “The vacant buildings are perfect backdrops for a zombie film,” said the filmmaker.

“Youngstown, like other towns across America, was hit hard by the constant decrease in the economy and appears as though to be suffering from economic depression.

“Some of the people I spoke with feel they have been forgotten and living a life like this make them feel like zombies. The stories from some of the people I met inspired me to put a spotlight on this city. So I created a movie centred on them to give them something that they can be a part of.”

Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin said: “The Zombinator is a resourceful doc-style horror film that stands out from the rest. We know buyers will respond to the acting, action and atmosphere, which all exceed expectations.”

Shoreline evp Sam Eigen and director of acquisitions Melody Djavadi negotiated the deal with Myers.