I’m impressed by William McGregor and the Electric Sheep team’s entry into Sci-Fi London’s 48 Hour Film Challenge.

A UK filmmaker named William McGregor sent me an email today with a link to his latest short.

I was feeling openminded (and wanted to procrastinate doing other work) so I took a look, and was suitably impressed.

No Escape (view here) was made as part of the ambitious 48-Hour Film Challenge connected to the Sci-Fi London Film Festival. There were a whopping 174 teams taking part this weekend, including McGregor’s team Electric Sheep (which also includes the likes of producer Ben Burdock, DoP Adam Etherington and editor Iain Whitewright).

Teams were given a random film title, a line of dialogue and a prop.

Jurors watching the shorts ahead of Sci-Fi London include Edgar Wright, Monsters director Gareth Edwards, and Vertigo’s Allan Niblo. The winner will be announced during Sci-Fi London, which runs April 23-May 2 at London’s Apollo Piccadilly Circus and BFI Southbank.

McGregor previously directed an ambitious student film Who’s Afraid Of The Water Sprite?, which was shot in Slovenia. It has scooped up several awards, including best drama at the RTS awards.

Now he’s developing that story (about a small village embarking on a witch hunt) into a feature, The Rising, with producer Hilary Bevan Jones on board. They hope to shoot in North Wales later this year or in 2012.

McGregor, who is a Berlinale Talent Campus alumnus, is repped by Independent Talent.