Shoreline Entertainment hassold UK rights to Dead Man's Cardsto Showbox Media Group. The film had its world premiere this week as a BritishGala at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Showbox plans to release thefilm theatrically later this year.

The gritty drama stars PaulBarber as a struggling boxer from Liverpool who loses everything after an eyeinjury costs him his marriage and career. Tom Bell plays the old school dark angelwho escorts him into a world of dirty deeds and possible riches.

The film was directed byJames Marquand, the son of the late Richard Marquand, director of Return OfThe Jedi and Jagged Edge. He also wrote it with James McMartin and producedwith Matthew Whyte and Sigvaldi J Karason. Executive producers are SteveCorless and Phil Evans.

The deal for the film wasnegotiated by David Hodgins and Steve Rivers on behalf of Showbox and Sam Eigenon behalf of Shoreline.