Korea’s Showbox Mediplex has scored a Japanese deal on local box office smash Take Off, which was snapped up by Amuse Soft Entertainment.

The comedy drama about a ski-jumping team opened in Korea on July 30 and grossed $60m on admissions of 8.5 million.

It was also acquired by One Dollar Distribution for China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Catchplay for Taiwan and Horizon International for Turkey.

The film is directed by Kim Yong-hwa and produced by KM Culture who previously collaborated on 200 Pounds Beauty – also a huge hit in Korea which sold widely to the rest of Asia. Showbox is now on board for the 200 Pounds Beauty sequel.

In addition, Showbox’s horror title Possessed was picked up by Singapore’s Innoform Media, Malaysia’s Hwa Yea and Taiwan’s Catchplay.

Showbox is also launching sales on vampire horror Higanjima – a Japanese-Korean co-production directed by Kim Tae-kyun (Volcano High) – at the AFM.