Shrek2 made itsinternational debut way back in May and this weekend saw the year's topgrossing film back on form as it opened in its final territory - Italy.

DreamWorks Animation's smash hit sequel, handledinternationally by UIP except in Hong Kong and South Korea, grossed $4.1m (Euro3.1m) in Italy over the weekend (Dec 17-19) for the top spot.

Theopening was not as strong as that of The Incredibles four weeks agowhich took $4.96m (Euro 3.7m) but Shrek 2 took on and beat heavycompetition from local releases Tu La Conosci Claudia' and ChristmasIn Love.

Ahead ofits release Shrek 2 was already the highest grossing film of the yearand the biggest animated film of all time worldwide ($885.7m) and domestically($441.2m).

It hasbeen unable to claim either record internationally, however. For this year thetop grossing international film is Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkabanwith $540m ahead of Shrek 2's $445m (prior to Italian release).

For theanimated record Shrek 2 will not be able to catch Finding Nemo's$525m international cumulative but if Italy's total gross can come close tomatching the Italian total so far for The Incredibles ($16.7m) then itsinternational total will surpass the current second placed animated film, TheLion King, which grossed $455.3m internationally from its originaltheatrical run.

Shrek2's highest earninginternational territories through UIP are the UK ($88.2m), France ($51m),Australia ($35.4m), Spain ($34.8m), Germany ($33.9m), Mexico ($27.6m) and Japan($22.4m).