Paramount Pictures International (PPI) bucked the summer trend by not
releasing DreamWorks/Paramount's Shrek The Third day-and-date with the US, and has enjoyed the consequences as the tentpole continues to
generate revenues throughout the summer.

The animated hit has already done most of its business but PPI
executives are anticipating a robust boost to the $418.4m tally this
weekend when it opens in seven territories including Italy and Sweden
on Aug 31.

Meanwhile the thriller Disturbia, currently on $16.2m, launches in
four including South Korea and Hong Kong on Aug 30 and Brazil on Aug

PPI can also look forward to healthy returns from the horror film
1408, which debuts in the UK on Aug 31.

Universal/UPI's The Bourne Ultimatum has been the stand-out overseas
release of the past two weekends and has amassed $58.4m from the
relatively early stages of its run.

The thriller faces stiff competition from Shrek over the next several
days and will aim to stay top through robust holdover business and a
major launch in Australia on Aug 30.

Comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry opens in France and Belgium
on Aug 28 and has grossed $7.8m from seven territories so far.

UPI has three other comedies in active service. Knocked Up stands at
$30m, Evan Almighty has taken $43.4m, and Mr Bean's Holiday stands at
$189.4m and crossed $200m worldwide on Aug 28.

The Simpsons Movie could cross $300m for Fox International this
weekend, given its $294.6m tally and the fact that it opens in Greece
[Aug 30], which has produced some high returns for tentpole films this

The distributor launches the horror sequel 28 Weeks Later in six
territories including Germany on Aug 30, when executives will be
looking to build on the $26.6m running total.

Die Hard 4.0 has amassed $221.3m and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The
Silver Surfer
stands at $142.3m through all distributors and $139.7m
through Fox International.

Warner Bros Pictures international's Harry Potter And The Order Of The
stands at $618.1m.

Ocean's Thirteen has grossed $185m, and Zodiac stands at $50m.
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Ratatouille opens
in Singapore on Aug 29 and stands at $175.5m with plenty of
territories still to open.

Sony Pictures Releasing International to come.