The two writer-directorsbehind Thai blockbuster Shutter - Parkpoom Wongpoom and BanjongPisanthanakun - are planning a new horror picture, Alone, which willshoot in Thailand and Korea from March next year.

The film, which was unveiledat the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea this weekend - will also feature cast from bothcountries. With a budget of $2.5m, the film is the biggest yet from Thailand's GMM Tai Hub but no Korean finance is involved. GMMTai Hub plans to co-produce with Thai companies Phenomena Motion Pictures andDedicate.

"Shutter has beensuccessful worldwide including Korea. We see an opportunity to expand our audience baseby adding some Korean elements into the new production," said GMM Tai Hub'sVisute Poolvoralaks.

GMM Tai Hub previouslyworked with Phenomena's Yodphet Sudsawad on Shutter, thehighest-grossing Thai film in 2004. English-language remake rights to the filmwere sold to US studio New Regency earlier this year.

The two directors'previously announced solo projects - Life With AMission and Aids Diary - have now been pushed back until thecompletion of Alone.

Last Thursday (Oct 6), GMMTai Hub's Dear Dakanda, directed by Komkrit Treewimol, opened in Thailand. The light-hearted movie is the first solo work byone of the six directors behind My Girl which was the biggest Thai filmin 2003.

GMM Tai Hub's slate alsofeatures two more films from My Girl directors - Adisorn Tresirikasem's Lucky Loserand Songyos Sugmakanan's Dorm, which is currently in post-production.