South Korea'sJeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) wrapped up its fifth edition on May2, with awards going to Iranian director Babak Payami's Silence Between TwoThoughts and Cuban documentary Suite Havana.

One of Korea's topfestivals along with Pusan and Puchon, the JIFF screened a total of 284 shortand feature films, with a strong emphasis on independent, digital andexperimental works from Asia and around the world.

The event also hosted the well-receivedpremiere of a specially-commissioned digital omnibus work by three major Asianfilmmakers: Korean director Bong Joon-ho, Japanese director Ishii Sogo, andChinese director Yu Lik Wai.

However, festival attendees were lessenthusiastic about opening film Possible Changes by Korean first-time directorMin Byung-kook, with critics noting that it lacked originality.

A large number of special sections werealso featured, most notably a retrospective of Cuban cinema which proved sopopular with audiences that five films were picked up to be re-broadcast onlocal TV network EBS. A theater inSeoul is also said to be negotiating for rights to re-screen the films.