The Singapore comedy I Not Stupid outclassed its box office rivals during Chinese New Year to become not just the top grossing film over the competitive holiday period, but in record time, also the fourth highest grossing local film ever.

Released wide by UIP on 30 prints, the comedy pulled in $492,000 (S$899,619) over its opening 6 day weekend Feb 12 -17 beating Collateral Damage as well as the big Chinese-language Hong Kong releases, Chinese Odyssey, Fatt Choy Spirit and Marry A Rich Man.

After just nine days the $492,000 (S$0.9m) production has kickstarted the market share for local films this year with its outstanding take of $617,000 (S$1.13m). This already surpasses last year's highest grossing domestic hit One Leg Kicking and makes it the country's fourth highest grossing local film ever.

I Not Stupid is written, directed and stars one of Singapore's best-known comedy actors Jack Neo who was also the writer/director/actor behind Liang Po Po - The Movie, Singapore's second all-time most popular film at the box office with $1.6m (S$3m). Money No Enough is the highest grossing home-grown film which raked in $3.2m (S$5.8m) in 1998.

In the social satire I Not Stupid, Jack Neo plays the father to one of three classmates who become friends despite very different social backgrounds.

The mainly Mandarin language film will be released through UIP in Malaysia on March 28.