The Singapore Film Commission (SFC) has launched a New Talent Feature Grant, replacing its existing New Feature Film Fund, which was based on co-investment.

The grant aims to support feature films by first and second-time directors – encompassing both theatrical and made-for-television features, including documentaries and films made in languages such as Malay and Tamil.

The grant will provide funding of up to $201,000 (S$250,000) or 100% of the production budget, which ever is lower, with the requirement that recipients use at least 40% of the grant on Singapore spend.

Unlike the previous New Feature Film Fund, the grant is not based on co-investment, which means that film directors do not have to give away the copyright of their films and are not required to raise their own funds.

In addition, the grant does not require directors to partner with experienced production companies, meaning that they can form teams with other individuals, including freelancers, who have some experience in media production.

The SFC is part of Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA), which announced last year that it would streamline its funding schemes from 46 to five, covering talent, development, production, marketing and enterprise development. A total of $68m (S$88m) has been set aside for the five new schemes.

The 2012 call for proposals for the New Talent Feature Grant opens today (May 7) until August 31. More details can be found at