Singapore and the Philippines today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for greater media collaborations in the areas of animation, games, TV and film.

'The world is witnessing an unprecedented interest in Asian culture and media content. There is thus great potential and promise for ASEAN nations to leverage our collective culture capital for the regional and global markets,' said Tan Chin Nam, permanent secretary of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts and chairman of Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA).

He signed the agreement with Ignacio R Bunye, press secretary of the Philippines, on the sidelines of the sixth Asia Media Festival (AMF) in Singapore, a key media content event hosted by MDA.

Tan further disclosed that Singapore production companies are discussing the possibilities of co-producing TV projects while Hoyle's Enchanted Puzzles, a PC-based game recently launched by Singapore's Boomzap and Manila-based Flipside Games is slated for digital and retail distribution in the US and worldwide.

The MOU signing arises at a time when ASEAN countries are forging closer economic and political ties. The ASEAN Media Portal ( was launched in mid-November as an online platform to showcase the exchange of media content among member states. Singapore previously inked similar media co-operation MOUs with three other ASEAN countries, including Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand.

MDA is organizing an AMF Country Showcase on Thursday as a one-day networking platform for Singapore and visiting country delegations to explore financing and co-production opportunities. The Philippines, led by the country's Creative Media and Film Society president Imee Marcos, is one of the participants along with Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Korea and Malaysia.

Thursday will also see Singapore sign a similar MOU with Canal-France International to enhance bilateral media co-operation.