Bertrand Tavernier's Safe Conduct (Laissez-Passer) closed the ninth Belgrade International Festival of Auteur Films on Saturday night.

The Rotterdam Tiger Award winner, Romanian Sinisa Dragin's Everyday God Kisses Us On The Mouth (In Fiecare Zi Dumnezeu Ne Saruta Pe Gura) won the main award, the 'Aleksandar Sasa Petrovic' plaque. The film's cinematographer Aleksandar Solomon also won the camera award. The festival opener Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing took the press award.

Even though each of the 20 films in competition was screened at least twice, practically all the screenings were sold out. Besides some of the most wanted art house movies from bigger festivals around the world, audiences had a chance to see several guests, including the winner Sinisa Dragin, famous Swedish director Jan Troell whose retrospective was one of the side programmes and French directors Jerome Enrico and Gaspar Noe who were also in competition with L'Origine Du Monde-Oedipus and Irreversible respectively.

Only two films from the festival have been picked up for theatrical distribution in the territory, Irreversible (by Cobra Film) and Larry Clark's Ken Park (by the festival organizer Jugoslavija Film).