Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, ThePhantom Of The Opera, Christopher Smith's Creep and JohnnieDepp-starrer Finding Neverland will comprise the gala screenings of theupcoming International Film Festival of Catalunya (Dec 2-11), better known asSitges.

Located just outside Barcelona, Sitges plans to tie in itsclosing weekend events with the December 11 celebration of the European FilmAwards in Barcelona. The festival is also hosting an industry sales office forthe first time this year, with help from Catalan Films & TV.

Sitges' parallel competitive sections, Fantastic and NewVisions, boast a high-profile international line-up of titles. One of severalsidebars showcases the latest in Catalan production. The festival will alsohost a Star Wars Conference this year.

Among the 20 titles in the Fantastic Section are JonathanGlazer's Birth (US), Michael Winterbottom's Code 46 (UK), BradAnderson's The Machinist (Sp), Eugenio Mira's The Birthday (Sp),Guillem Morales' El Habitante Incierto (Sp), Takashi Shimizu's TheGrudge (Jap/US), and Takashi Miike's Izo: Kaosu Mataha Fujori No Kijin(Jap).

Among the 11 titles in New Visions are Kevin Willmott's CSA:Confederate States Of America, Zac Penn's Incident At Loch Ness andGreg Harrison's November.