Sithengi, Southern Africa's Film and TV Market, is to hold a legitimate film festival for the first time in its seven-year history in an attempt to establish a greater role for world cinema.

Sithengi, which will be held in Cape Town 9-16 November, said it expected to announce the appointment of a festival director and co-ordinator early next week.

Although entry is open to all, Sithengi's publicity co-ordinator Laun Bowman said emphasis would be placed on applications from developing countries and those highlighting indigenous peoples. Priority will also be given to World Premieres and African Premieres.

"The aim of the Sithengi Film festival is to create a viable niche market for World Cinema in the way that a similar market has been created for World Music. It is a style of film making that is rooted in a culture outside the mainstream and conveys, via universal themes, other experiences and worldviews," Bowman said.

The submission deadline for entries is August 30 2002 and application forms are available online at