The Cannes Residence de la Cinefondation has started its autumn session with six new film-makers. The group will spend the nextfour and a half months in Paris whilst honing their first or second feature with the support of the local film industry.

Contrary to recent editions which seemed particularly female-heavy, this go round boasts only one woman along with five men, selected from over 160 candidates.

A jury led by Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob has chosen:

  • Iran's Babak Amini, the only first time feature film-maker in the group, with Oil
  • Hungary's Anna Faur with Anyones
  • Aaron Fernandez from Mexico who will work on Les Heures Mortes
  • Colombia's Alejandro Landes with Porfidio
  • Seng Tat Liew from Malaysia and In What City Does it Live'
  • Robin Weng from China with Red Spider Lily.

Since the Cinefondation's creation in 2000, 75% of its projects have been shot and, largely, distributed.

This year, 12 films from the Residence were invited to such festivals as Cannes, Locarno, New York and Toronto including Kornel Mundruzco's Delta and Antonio Campos's Afterschool.