UKtraining body Skillset has launched a new film website for people working orwanting to work in the UK film industry.

The siteis billed as a one-stop shop for all information on getting in and getting onin film careers.

Coveringall aspects of film from development through to exhibition, the site includes:

- 5,000 film and media coursessearchable online.

- 40interviews with leading industry professionals and company heads.

-Descriptions and career paths for over 200 film jobs.

- Astoryboard guide to the filmmaking process called 'The Business - Understandingfilmmaking.'

-Careers advice and guidance, including support for film freelancers.

- Thelatest bursaries and funding available.

- Factsand figures giving an up to date picture of working life in film.

JudyCounihan, Skillset director of film, said: "Our website is completely endorsedby the industry; it's the definitive site and should be the first port of callfor film-makers, employers and training providers who want advice and guidance ontraining and skills."

The sitehas been endorsed by film-maker and BFI chairman Anthony Minghella, who said:"My best advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in film is to visit theSkillset website. It's your first foot in the door of the UK film industry."

The sitecan be found at: