Skillset's film business training programmeInside Pictures has announced the 14 successfulapplicants for its 2005/6 programme.

The group was chosen from hundreds of applicationsthrough a committee selection process and a shortlist of interviews.

The successful applicants are:

- Alexei Boltho, Commercial Executive, BBCFilms

-Tara Buckwell, Legal and Business Affairs Manager,Tiger Aspect Pictures

-George Duffield, Producer, Arcane Pictures

-Simon Frame, Managing Director/Head of Production, Men FromMars

-Daniel Gordon, Producer/Director, VeryMuchSoProductions

-Laurence Gornall, Director of Marketing, The Works UK Distribution

-Hugo Grumbar, Head of Marketing, Icon Distribution

-Hugo Heppell, Head of Production, Screen Yorkshire

-Yann le Quellec, CEO,Exception Wild Bunch Finance

-Justin Marciano, Managing Director, RevolverEntertainment

- Eve Schoukroun, Senior Sales Manager, Capitol Films

- PatrickStrafford, Group Director of Commercial Development, Warner Bros Entertainment UK

- LeeThomas, Head of Production and Development, Screen West Midlands

- Philip Traill, Director, House of Holland

The film business training programmeis run by MichaelKuhn's Qwerty Films and consists of three intensive one-week modules which take place inLondon and Los Angeles between November 2005 and May 2006and includes seminars, workshops and studio visits hosted by senior industryprofessionals.

Judy Counihan,Director of Film at Skillset, said: "Ifyou want to succeed as an executive in today's global film marketplace you haveto operate at the highest level. Skillset's InsidePictures helps to fast track you to that level. It will give the careers ofthese participants an amazing boost which will have a knock on benefit for thewhole industry."