Skillset, the Sector SkillsCouncil, and training provider Lighthouse have announced the 26 successfulapplicants for mentoring scheme Guiding Lights.

The scheme runs for 12months and pairs the applicants with established mentors including directors Paul Greengrass, GurindaChadha, Peter Cattaneo, andStephen Frears, writers Julian Fellowesand Tony Grisoni, producers Andrew Eaton and MichaelKuhn, and executives Jane Barclay, Peter Watson, and Eve Gabereau.

The directing participantsare Joseph Briffa, Joe Tunmer,Andy Heathcote, Rob Fox, DevaPalmier, Liz Crow, Kothai Kanthan, and Ben and Chris Blaine.

Writers are TrevorCampbell, Maureen Blackwood, Kas Graham, Faisal Qureshi, Jason King, and Teresa Godfrey. Producers areLachlan MacKinnon, Abigail Davis, Elaine Wickham,Michael Knowles, and Laura Hastings Smith.

The other applicants are ChrisCalitz (agent), Rosana Coutinho (sales), Charles Collier (business affairs),Martin Gough (marketing), Lisa Hill (publicity), and RinaRandeep Sagoo(distribution).

The initiative is part ofA Bigger Future, a skills development initiative from Skillsetand the UK Film Council.

Each applicant has apersonal development plan and will have regularly monthly contact and thechance to shadow their mentor in the workplace.

"Training in film isvery difficult as most skills used in the movie business from producer toproduction runner are learnt on the job," said Tim Bevan,co-chairman of Working Title Films and chair of the Guiding Lights steeringcommittee. "This is why the concept of mentoring is such a good one for our industry.Having a formal bond where someone learning about their chosen career in theindustry can have ongoing advice from someone with great experience should beinvaluable and help in the demystifying of all of our roles."