Screen surveys the first teaser of Bond 23.

Looking moodily magnificent, this morning saw the arrival of the first teaser of Daniel Craig’s third Bond outing Skyfall.

Opening with a voiceover of an word association game - Bond wrily responds to “agent” with “provocateur” - it cuts to the scene in question as Bond responds to a ice-cold stare to the titular word…and no one can do a blank, hard-faced stare like Craig can with his piercing blue eyes.

For all the talk of returning to the Bonds of old, Sam Mendes’ Skyfall seems set to continue in the gritty footsteps of Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace with the teaser throwing up a number of foreboding scenes, not least M looking over a row of coffins draped in Union Jacks flags.

That’s not to say the Bond elements are there; it’s basically a check list in the form of a teaser. Smoking hot Bond girls? Hello Naomie Harris seductively shaving Bond. Guns? Take your pick from Bond running through a room as gunfire chases him every step to Bond casually firing his trusty PPK as he strolls. Sharp dialogue? “Some men are coming to kill us, we’re going to kill them first,” Bond states as the teaser comes to its all-too-soon end, not before one final slow hard stare from Craig of course.

All in all, colour us even more excited as Skyfall is looking as accomplished as Roger Deakins’ gorgeous cinematography - check out that wide shot as Bond arrives in Shanghai - meaning that October 26 cannot come soon enough.

Watch the teaser here.