The Pursuit Of Happyness ended the weekend as the number one overseas attraction in a highly successful week for Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI).

The rags-to-riches drama stars Academy Award nominee Will Smith and grossed an estimated $16m to raise the tally to $71m.

The result was buoyed by impressive debuts in four major territories. Spain generated second place on $2.4m, France a possible number one on $2.2m, Mexico produced second place on $1.3m, and Brazil generated a $1.1m number one debut.

The film added $1.7m and a 19% drop in Germany for $8.1m, while Japan added $2.3m to hold in second place fo $9.1m in its second weekend, and the UK added $1.6m for $16.7m.

Meanwhile Casino Royale grossed an estimated $6m to become the 22nd biggest overseas release on record.

The James Bond saga has amassed $416.8m to date. It scored a sensational opening in China last week, grossing $6.9m since Tuesday [Jan 30] in what is arguably the best opening ever for a non-Chinese film.

007 is expected to pass Spider-Man's $417.9m by Tuesday or Wednesday to rank 21st in the international pantheon and second overall for Sony behind The Da Vinci Code.

The comedy Click opened in second place in South Korea on $1.1m, which was enough to produce Adam Sandler's biggest ever opening in the Asian territory.

The Pursuit Of Happyness toppled Night At The Museum from its perch but Museum was hampered by being pulled by UK exhibitors in a release window protest. The Fox family comedy had to make do with being the second biggest overseas player at the weekend, as $13.5m raised the tally to $212m. It opened top in Italy on $4.7m from 538 screens.

Rocky Balboa took another $5.4m for $47.1m and finished on an unconfirmed ranking in the UK in its third weekend. Apocalypto took $3.1m from 789 screens and has now amassed $7.9m.

Meanwhile the drama Notes On A Scandaltook asolid $2.3m from 300 screens. The Last King Of Scotland added $1.4m for $8.3m, and Eragon grossed approximately $770,000 for $166.5m.

Blood Diamond grossed $13.2m from more than 3,200 prints in 51 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for $45.5m.

The action drama opened in France on $2.5m from 459 nationwide prints and contests the number one position with The Pursuit Of Happyness.

In second weekend holdover business, Blood Diamond added $2.34m from 371 sites in the UK for a $7.1m running total, $1.4m from 503 in Germany for $3.5m, and $1.3m from 280 in Italy for $3.6m. The film held on to first place in its second weekend in Holland on $479,000 from 80 for $1.3m.

Happy Feet added $2.8m from 2,700 prints for $165.2m. Latest tallies put the UK on $35.4m, Australia on $24.1m, France on $10.8m, and Spain on $9.8m.

The Departed grossed $1.8m from more than 1,200 prints in 31 markets (including non-WBPI markets) for $142.4m.

Ensemble drama Babel, which Paramount/PPI has in several territories, took $2.5m from 768 in 14 territories for $29m, rising to $3.6m through all distributors for a $58.9m cumulative total.

Charlotte's Web took $1.1m from 1,060 sites for $25.7m, and Flushed Away added $900,000 from 1,612 venues from 57 territories for $108.6m.

Universal/UPI's caper film Smokin' Aces added $1.8m from 745 sites in six territories for $9.3m. Comedy The Holiday grossed $1.2m from 1,240 sites in 40 for $116.2m. Children Of Men stands at $33m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) German comedy Wild Bunch 4 dominated the German chart courtesy of a strong $4.7m launch from 600 prints. Overall the film took $5.5m from three German-speaking territories and the franchise has generated more than $30m to date for BVI.

Deja Vu became the first Denzel Washington and the 11th Jerry Bruckheimer film released through BVI to cross $100m last week: it added $2.4m for a $100.8m international running total. BVI expects upcoming launches in Japan and China could carry the total past $110m.

Lionsgate's Saw III opened in second place in Germany on $3m from 439 prints. Overall the horror film took $3m and currently stands at $70m.

In the UK, the romantic comedy Employee Of The Month grossed $352,900 from 202 screens for $6.8m.