Seachd -The Inaccessible Pinnacle has become the first Gaelic-language Scottish feature to secure UK theatrical distribution. Produced by Christopher Young and directed by Simon Miller, it has been acquired by Soda Pictures for an autumn 2007 release in the UK.

The film has its first Cannes market screening on Monday and is expected to premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Funded by the Gaelic Media Service (GMS), BBC Alba, the Glasgow Film Fund and Scottish Screen, the $1.3m feature shot on the Scottish island of Skye last Summer.

Padruig Morrison stars as Aonghas, a nine-year-old boy sent to live with his grandparents after the tragic death of his mother and father. The grandfather's tall tales and magical stories become a vital part in coming to terms with his loss.

Young's previous feature credits include the award-winning Annie Griffin comedy Festival and Bill Forsyth's Gregory's Two Girls. Young and Miller previously worked together on the Gaelic-language short Foighidinn (The Crimson Snowdrop) in 2005, which became the basis of their collaboration on Seachd.

'It is a strong story with a big emotional heart, ' Young says. 'I'm looking to the success of Bombon El Perro and Whale Rider as our references.'

Young is currently developing a number of projects including a low-budget comedy with writer-director Aileen Ritchie that would mark her return to features after a seven-year absence.