UK arthouse buyer Soda Pictures has snapped up three more films ahead of this month’s London Film Festival.

Soda acquired Belgian director Johan Grimonprez’s Double Take (sold internationally by UMedia), legendary documentary director Frederick Wiseman’s La Danse, The Paris Opera Ballet (represented by Doc & Film) and Radu Jude’s Romanian festival favourite The Happiest Girl In The World (sold by Films Boutique.)

These pick-ups follow on from Soda’s other recently announced acquisitions: Storm, directed by Hans-Christian Schmid, André Téchiné’s Girl On The Train, and Lukas Moodysson’s Mammoth, starring Gael Garcia Bernal.

In La Danse, The Paris Opera Ballet (which premiered in Venice last month) Frederick Wiseman portrays the inner workings of one of France’s principal cultural institutions, the Paris Opera Ballet.

Artist/filmmaker Johan Grimonprez’s film essay Double Take unfolds against a backdrop of Cold War hysteria. Using footage of Alfred Hitchcock as well as scenes filmed with a Hithcock double, it explores the media’s part in whipping up a culture of fear in 1960s America.

The Happiest Girl In The World is an acerbic comedy telling the story of a girl who wins a car in a competition and the subsequent arguments with her parents about what to do with it.