UK independent distributor Soda Pictures has joined forces with Viva Spanish and Latin American Film Festival to create a DVD distribution label specialising in Spanish and Latin American films.

The label, dubbed the Soda Viva Collection, comes after the film festival's launch (March 15-25) and before its theatrical tour in the UK.

The first four films to launch on the label are Benito Zambrano's Havana Blues, Francisco Vargas' political fable El Violin, Albert Serra's Don Quixote adaptation Honour Of The Knights and Tristan Bauer's Falklands war drama Blessed By Fire.

Soda Pictures managing director Edward Fletcher said the Viva Film Festival and its added touring programme has been a 'real showcase for Spanish cinema in the UK'.

He said: 'By adding a DVD component we can offer a combined real alternative distribution structure to the talented films coming out of Spain and Latin America that increasingly find it harder to get a traditional UK release.'

Festival director Linda Parisier added: 'This exciting collaboration with Soda means that these films will have a long life beyond the festival and can find the greater audiences that they so richly deserve.'

The Viva festival is in its 13th year and takes place every March for 10 days in Manchester. The festival then tours venues in the UK and Ireland.