Steven Soderbergh is behind a planned remake of Argentinian heist picture Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas).

Section Eight, the company he owns with George Clooney, will produce an English-language version of the picture with Gregory Jacobs making his directing debut and co-writing the screenplay with Soderbergh.

The rights to Nine Queens were acquired by Warner Bros from Patagonik Film Group. Patagonic was represented by UK-Mexican sales outfit Tequila Gang.

Jacobs is a long-time Soderberg associate and executive produced Solaris.

Nine Queens, which was originally directed by Fabien Bielinsky, will be the latest in a line of films to be remade by Soderbergh. Solaris is a reworking of Tarkovsky's Russian classic, his Ocean's Eleven was a remake of a Lewis Milestone's 1960s heist caper while The Limey was "inspired by" Ken Loach's Poor Cow.