Spanishmultimedia conglomerate Sogecable posted year-end financial results for 2000which reflect an 18.2% decrease in net consolidated losses to Euros11.4m(pts1,900m).

The losses arelargely due to content expenses - particularly rights deals for cinema andfootball - for the group's pay TV platforms Canal Satelite Digital (CSD),launched in 1997, and Canal Plus.

Sogecableposted Euros11.2m (pts1,860m) in revenues, thanks to the Euros17.8m (pts2,962m)sale to Warner Bros. of 10% each of digital satellite platform CSD and thematicchannel Cinemania. Sogecable also pointed to pay-per-view contracts forfootball matches as a hefty source of income for the group.

As of February9, Canal Plus and CSD boasted more than 2 million subscribers between them,marking a rise of 75,000 since December 31, 2000.

Sogecable ishome to producer Sogecine, distributor Warner Sogefilms, exhibitor WarnerLusomundo, rights house Sogepaq and pay TV platforms CSD and Canal Plus, amongother interests.