Juan DiegoSolanas has been awarded the Bronze Horse for best film at the 16th StockholmInternational Film Festival.

Nordesteis the story of a struggling single mother in a poverty-stricken area ofArgentina and a rich French woman desperate to adopt a child.

As theirpaths cross the story takes on issues of child trafficking, poverty and socialinjustice.

The film's twoleads - Carole Bouquet and Aymara Rovera - were jointly named bestactresses.

"A filmthat is remarkably mature in everything from theme, vision and execution," wasthe jury's verdict.

MirandaJuly's Me and You and Everyone We Know was namedbest first film, with the judges praising its "clear voice, talking to us in aunique tone."

Thefestival jury were SVT Fiction chief Daniel Alfredson , musician Pelle Almqvist,director Rodrigo Garcia, actress Helena af Sandeberg, and film critic Orvar Safstrom.

Eric Khoo'sBe With Me won the FIPRESCI critics prize.

The otherawards were:

BestScript: Annie Griffin - Festival

BestCinematography: Adrian Tan - Be With Me

Best Actor:Vincent D'Onofrio - Thumbsucker

Best ShortFilm: Taika Waititi - Sons of Tu: The God of War Star!Audience Award: Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein - Storm

1 km FilmScholarship: Johan Soderberg - The Voice

Made inStockholm: Malin Erixon - Death by Heart

JamesonShort Film Awards: Daniel Wallentin - Mebana

FIPRESCIJury Best Film: Eric Khoo - Be With Me

NorthernLights: Jacob Thuesen - Accused

LifetimeAchievement Award - David Cronenberg

StockholmVisionary Award - Terry Gilliam

Best film iFestival:Malin Erixon - The Forest and 7 Illustrations Around the Name of a Tree