Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy action hit KungFu Hustle will pass $50mthis weekend with a much anticipated launch in South Korea.

The picture has blazed a record-breaking trail through a slew ofAsian markets and taken $49m to date. It was due to open in South Korea on Jan13 on 180 screens.

SPRI was also due to open the drama Closer in Germany on Jan 13 on 474, and in theUK and Mexico on Jan 14 on 275 and 120 respectively. The picture's earlyinternational running total stood at $6.9m as of Jan 12.

Warner Bros Pictures International releases Intermedia's Alexanderin Brazil and Italy onJan 14. The company has limited territories on the epic and has made $8.7m todate.

Strong openings would appear to be in order given the picture'smuscular run so far through IS Film Distribution. Overall Alexander has amassed more than $68.9m through alldistributors.

Warner Bros is also releasing The Polar Express in China on Jan 14. The animated hit hasgrossed $110.4m to date andexecutives will look to a strong performance in the emerging market, whichreturned promising results on Hollywood titles last year.

Latest figures put Ocean's Twelve on $140.1m and Exorcist: The Beginningon $26.4m from WarnerBros markets.

Universal's comedy Meet The Fockers was due to open through UIP in Russia onJan 13 and should do well bearing in mind the rapid growth of the local market.The comedy had grossed $19.6m from its international run as of Jan 9.

A string of Paramount titles were also lining up for several majormarket releases.

LemonySnicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, currently on $39.3m, opens in Mexico on Jan 14, and Team America:World Police opens in the UK on Jan14.

Fox International opens The Aviator in Spain on Jan 14 on 392 screens, whilethe comic book adaptation and Daredevil spin-off Elektra was scheduled to open in Australia on Jan 13 on 228.

Fox was due to open the comedy Melinda And Melinda, currently on $6.1m, in France on Jan 12on 275, while drama Kinsey was set for its first major market release with a small opening inAustralia on Jan 13 on 36.

Awardsseason frontrunner Sideways opensin its first international market of Greece on Jan 14 on 15 screens. Latestfigures put the comedy Taxi on$22.1m and AVP on $88.6m to date.

Buena Vista International has no major releases this weekend.Latest totals issued by executives put The Incredibles on $323.2m and National Treasure on $107.6m.