Sony Pictures' first Indian production Saawariya delivered a mighty debut in India through Sony Pictures Releasing International, where it took an estimated $14.4m from 754 screens.

But that was not enough for it to beat Indian number one - Om Shanti Om - which took in about $17m in India

Overall Saawariya grossed $15.4m from 900 in 13 markets at the weekend, taking $340,000 from 60 in the UK and $100,000 from 17 in Australia.

Resident Evil: Extinction is now the biggest overseas release in the zombie action franchise after adding $5.7m from all territories for an $81.5m international running total.

The zombie action film took $5.7m through SPRI and after two weekends ranks second in Japan on $12.7m and third in Spain on $4.8m. Resident Evil finished on $70.6m and Resident Evil: Apocalypse grossed $78.2m in its lifetime.

It was a slow weekend for Superbad, which took $2.3m from 1,250 screens in 39 markets for $43.3m. Highlights were a pair of modest second place launches in Holland and Norway that generated $255,000 from 64 and $190,000 from 22, respectively. Surf's Up raised its tally by $2.9m from 1,870 screens in 30 markets to $77m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International executives did not return calls on Sunday to report on Ratatouille and The Game Plan. The films stood at $377.5m and $8.3m respectively before the weekend.

Fox International reported a largely disappointing launch for the political drama Lions For Lambs starring the prestigious trio of Tom Cruise, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.

The anti-war film went out day-and-date with North America on 2,681 screens in 45 markets and took $10.3m, triggered by broadly mixed reviews.

The UK accounted for a lacklustre $1.4m debut from 404 screens in sixth place. Germany produced a similarly flat result as Lions For Lambs mustered $1m from 301 in fifth place.

Elsewhere the film opened in second place in Spain on $2.2m from 400, second in Australia on $870,000, and third in Mexico and Brazil on $728,000 from 296 and $460,000 from 101, respectively.

DreamWorks-Paramount's The Heartbreak Kid grossed $8.6m from 1,782 locations in 25 territories through PPI to raise the tally to $41m.

The comedy remake launched in second place in Italy on $2.6m from 267, first place in Brazil on $637,000 from 106 screens, and second place in Argentina on $119,000 from 22 sites.

The film held on to the top spot in its second weekend in Germany as $2.4m from 463 elevated the tally to $6.4m.

Stardust grossed $5.4m from 2,231 locations in 59 territories for an $83m international cumulative total. The fantasy adventure climbed to number one in the UK in its fourth weekend on $2.5m from 436 screens for $23.3m. It crossed $20m in the UK on Nov 8.

This weekend's number one North American release Bee Movie added $3m from 579 locations in four territories for $8.4m. The animated family title opened top in Singapore on $548,000 from 46 screens, and launched in second place in Malaysia on $330,000 from 41.

Universal's spy thriller The Bourne Ultimatum should cross $200m by the end of next weekend after a $4.5m haul from 1,234 sites in 30 territories through UPI elevated the running total to $195.5m.

The key driver here was Japan, where the film opened at number one in the key cities through Toho Towa on $3.2m from 304, and was locked in a race for nationwide supremacy with Resident Evil: Extinction.

Bourne added $1.2m from 228 sites in its second weekend in Italy to rank fourth on $5m. It has overtaken the lifetime total of the first two films in the franchise. There are three more territories to open including China on Nov 15, and the worldwide total stands at $422.5m.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age added $3.9m from 992 locations in seven for $14.1m. The film set sail for Spain and grossed $860,000 from 180 for fourth place and came in approximately 48% bigger than the 1998 original.

The drama added $2.1m (£945,000) from 451 sites in the UK for $6.7m (£3.1m) after two weekends, and overtook the lifetime total of Pride And Prejudice in Italy thanks to a $620,000 haul from 226 sites in the third weekend that raised the tally to $5.5m in sixth place.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age opens around the world in the next four months and arrives next weekend in Australia and New Zealand.

The Kingdom grossed $2.3m from 1,296 sites in 30 for $29m. South Africa was the only new release and generated a table-topping $126,000 from 48. The action thriller ranks sixth in France after two weekends after $825,000 from 296 raised the total to $2.9m. The Kingdom launches in Spain and Brazil next weekend.

The promising Oscar contender Atonement added $1.7m from 549 in 11 for an early $27.1m international cumulative total. It opened in Germany on $1.1m from 227 and launched in Austria in fourth place on $108,000 from 47. The UK has generated $22.6m (£11.3m) after 10 weekends.

Knocked Up added $750,000 from 760 sites in 28 for $70m, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry added $530,000 from 452 in 20 for $63.2m, and the Brazilian co-production Tropa De Elite grossed $420,000 from 200 in its fourth weekend in Brazil for $9.9m.

Last weekend's number one North American release American Gangster opened top in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania last weekend and has grossed $300,000 from 23 venues in 10 days. It opens around the world over the next three months and debuts next weekend in the UK, France, and Germany.

Mandate International's Saw IV grossed $3.9m from 23 territories to stand at $31m.