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SOUTH KOREA - August 28


(Film Mania) Budget: $2.3. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Black comedy about a man who takes up ballroom dancing and falls in love. Scr/dir: Park Jeong-woo. Main cast: Lee Sung-jae, Park Seol-mi. Shooting from late September.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Cineline II) Drama about Korea's first female aviator, who lived in the 1920s. Dir: Yoon Jong-chan. Main cast: Jang Jin-young. Shooting in China, Korea, and USA from late September.
Contact: Korean Film Commission, (82) 2 958 7585

(Dreamsearch Entertainment) Budget: $3m. Dist/int'l sales: Showbox. Based on the story of a legendary martial arts fighter who left Korea for Japan in the early 20th century. Exec prod: Victor Hwang. Prod: Jung Yong-il. Dir/scr: Yang Yun-ho. Ed: Park Soon-duk. Music: Park Jin-young. Main cast: Bi (Choi Bae-dal), Yumin (Yoko).
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3444 6262

(Taehung Pictures) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Story of a man who becomes involved in gang life in 1960s Korea. Exec prod: Lee Tae-won. Dir: Im Kwon-taek. DoP: Jung Il-sung. Main cast: Cho Seung-woo, Kim Min-sun.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Big Blue Film) Backer/dist: Big Blue Film. Drama set against the backdrop of Korean history from 1960 to 1979, as seen through the eyes of an ordinary barber who by chance becomes the personal hairdresser to the Korean president. Exec prod: Choi Yong-bae. Dir/scr: Im Chan-sang. Main cast: Song Kang-ho, Moon So-ri. Shooting from September 2003.
Contact: Big Blue Film, (82) 2 2263 7990

INEO-GONGJU [working title]
(Now Film) Backer: UniKorea. A woman who has a troubled relationship with her parents goes to a small island and learns of her mother and father's love story from the past. Dir/scr: Park Heung-shik. Main cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Park Hae-il. Shooting from mid-September.
Contact: UniKorea, (82) 2 3446 5100

(C& Film) Budget: $2.5m. Backer/dist: Cinema Service. A horror film set during the Vietnam War. Exec prod: Chang Youn-hyun. Prod: Choe Kang-heuk. Dir: Kim Dong-bin. Scr: Kong Soo-chang, Pil Young-woo. Main cast: Gam Woo-sung. Shooting in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Miracin Korea) Co-prod: UniKorea. Backer: Miracin Korea, UniKorea, MK2 [France]. Int'l sales: MK2 [except Asia]. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Drama about two men who go to Bucheon city in search of an old girlfriend. Prod: Hanna Lee. Dir/scr: Hong Sang-soo. Main cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Tae-woo, Seong Hyun-ah. Shooting from September.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484


(Woori Films) Dist: Tube Entertainment. Melodrama about a physically challenged young woman who falls in love with a shy man she meets at the bus stop. Dir: Kim Jin-in. Main cast: Lee Beom-soo, Lee Eun-ju, Bong Tae-gyu.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 4157

(Keyweck Shidae) Backer: Sius, Daesung Group. Heart-warming comedy about a DJ in a lower-class dance hall who has to care for his talented young son after his wife runs away. Dir: Lee Sang-hoon. Main cast: Jung Woong-in, Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Min-seo, Lee Young-ja, Jung Bo-seok, Kim Mi-hwa. Shooting from August 4.
Contact: Keyweck Shidae, (82) 2 514 4242

(Fun & Happiness) Budget: $3.8m. Backer/int'l sales/dist : Cinema Service. The story of a policeman and his female sidekick who develop supernatural skills in martial arts. Exec prod: Kim Mi-hee. Dir: Ryu Seung-wan. Prod des: Jang Geun-young, Kim Kyung-hee. Main cast: Ryu Seung-bum, Yoon So-yi, Ahn Sung-ki, Jung Du-hwan. Shooting from Apr 12.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Lascaux Entertainment) Budget: $3.7m. Animated feature based on a popular local comic by Chun Kye-young. Exec prod/dir: Min Kyung-jo. Prod: Im Jong-ho, Hong In-pyo.
Contact: Lascaux Entertainment, (82) 2 529 4852

(Sam Film Co) Co-prod: Pocket Film, GON. Budget: $2.5m. Backer: Pocket Film. Dist: Showbox. Comedy about two North Korean soldiers who accidentally find themselves washed up on a South Korean beach, and try to find their way back home. Dir: An Jin-woo. Main cast: Jung Jun-ho, Gong Hyung-jin. Shooting from Jul 25.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3444 6262

(Zeronine Entertainment) The next feature from the creator of Yonggary (1999), about a group of medieval serpent-like dragons who are transported to 21st-century America, where they start fighting. Dir: Shim Hyung-rae. Scr: Michael Gerbosi.
Contact: Zeronine Entertainment, (82) 2 2635 3800

(Joy Entertainment) Dist: Showbox. Sex comedy about a girl from a reputable family and the neighborhood bad boy. Exec prod: Song Chang-ui. Dir: Kim Seong-deok. Scr: Kim Hyun-hee, Ju Jeong-eun. DoP: Lee Dong-sam. Main cast: Shin Ae, Oh Ji-ho, Song Seon-mi, Yoon Da-hoon.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3444 6262

(Taewon Entertainment) Dist: Cinema Service. A thriller set in the National Institute of Maths and Science. Dir: Yu Sang-gon. Main cast: Song Yoon-ah, Shin Hyun-joon. Shooting from May 30.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Shiseon Film) Dist: Cinema Service. Romantic comedy about a woman who frequently lies and the man she meets on a train. Dir: Bae Hyung-jun. Main cast: Kim Hanul, Kang Dong-won. Shooting from Aug 15.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Masulpiri Pictures) Budget: $1.5m. Backer: IM Pictures. Dist: Big Blue Film. Three men in their mid-60s compete for the affections of a woman the same age in a seaside village. Prod: Oh Ki-min. Dir/scr: Lee Su-in. DoP: Park Ki-woong. Main cast: Ju Hyeon, Kim Moon-saeng, Song Jae-ho, Yang Taek-jo, Sunwoo Yong-nyeo, Park Young-gyu. Shooting from Jul 18.
Contact: Masulpiri Pictures, (82) 2 512 1973

(Tube Pictures) Budget: $1.9. Int'l sales/dist: Tube Entertainment. Romantic comedy set in a spa town during the month before Christmas. Exec prod: Kim Seung-beom. Dir/scr: Lee Geon-dong. DoP: Choi Young-taek. Music: Kim Dae-hong. Main cast: Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Seon-ah, Park Young-gyu. Shooting from mid June.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 4157

(Dream Max) Co-prod: Tin House. Budget: $1.7m. Int'l sales/dist: Tube Entertainment. Comic drama about a high school girl who starts dating a man who is the exact opposite of all she wants in a man. Dir: Lee Eon-hee. Scr: Kim Jin. Main cast: Lee Mi-sook, Kim Rae-won, Im Su-jeong. Shooting from late March.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 9371

(Sidus Corp.) Dist: CJ Entertainment. Comic action film about teenagers in 1970s Korea. Exec prod: Tcha Seung-jae. Dir/scr: Yu Ha. Main cast: Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Jeong-jin, Han Gah-in. Shooting from June 28.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Keyweck Shidae) Backer: Korea Pictures, Sius. Dist: Korea Pictures. A strange friendship develops out of the fierce rivalry between an underworld boss and a police inspector. Dir: Kim Ji-hoon. Scr: Lee Ji-ho. Main cast: Jo Jae-hyun, Cha In-pyo, Song Seon-mi. Shooting from July 25.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3445 4192

(JWELL Entertainment) Co-prod: Foibos. Comic romance based on a popular internet novel about a woman who meets a man who is perfect except for his lack of manners. Dir: Shin Dong-yeop. Main cast: Ha Ji-won, Kim Jae-won, Kim Tae-hyun, Han Min. Shooting from Aug 23.
Contact: JWELL Entertainment, (82) 2 3487 4000

(Doosaboo Film) Budget: $2.5m. Co-prod/backer: Film Z. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Comic spoof of the Hong Kong classic A Chinese Ghost Story. Dir/scr: Yoon Je-gyun. Main cast: Kim Min-jong, Choi Sung-guk, Jin Jae-young, Hwang Shin-jeong. Shooting from late June.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(EGG Films) Budget: $2.3m. Backer: Daesung Group. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Show East. Mystery/drama about a man kidnapped and thrown into a private jail for 15 years without realizing what he did wrong. On his release, he tries to discover who imprisoned him. Exec prod: Kim Dong-joo. Prod: Im Seung-yong. Dir: Park Chan-wook. Scr: Hwang Jo-yoon, Im Joon-hyung. DoP: Jung Jung-hoon. Ed: Kim Sang-bum. Music: Cho Young-wook. Main cast: Choi Min-shik, Yoo Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jung. Shooting in Seoul, Busan and New Zealand from May 12.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Nabi Pictures) Co-prod: IM Pictures. Budget: $2.5m. Backer: IM Pictures. Int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. A young man and a young woman meet while taking extracurricular English classes, but their contrasting personalities lead to trouble. Prod: Jo Min-hwan, Kim Sung-soo. Dir: Kim Sung-soo. Scr: Kim Ji-young, Noh Hye-young, Choi Hee-dae, Kim Sung-soo. DoP: Kim Hyung-gu. Music: Jo Sung-woo. Main cast: Lee Na-young, Jang Hyuk, Angela Kelly. Shooting from April 16.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

SILMI ISLAND [working title]
(Hanmac Films) Budget: $6.5m. Dist/backer/int'l sales: Cinema Service. True story about a group of trained assassins who rebel against dictator Park Chung-hee in 1960s South Korea. Target audience: 15-25. Exec prod: Jonathan Kim. Dir: Kang Woo-suk. Scr: Kim Hui-jae. DoP: Kim Seong-bok. Ed: Goh Im-pyo. Main cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Ahn Sung-ki, Heo Jun-ho, Jung Jae-young, Im Won-hee, Kang Sung-jin, Kang Shin-il, Lee Jeong-heon.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Studio Plus) Budget: $3.4m. Comic action film about a stuntman who accidentally gets mixed up in a diamond theft. Exec prod: Jay Kim, Kim Sung-hong. Prod: Kim Myung-kyun. Dir: Kim Sung-hong. Scr: Kim Sung-hong, Lim Jin-pyung. DoP: Jang Jun-yeung. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Main cast: Kim Myung-min, Park Yong-woo, Hong Eun-hee.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2 737 1185

TAE GUK GI [working title]
(Kang JeGyu Films) Budget: $13m. Backers: Kang JeGyu Films, Showbox. Int'l sales: Kang JeGyu Films. Dist: Showbox. Big-budget blockbuster about a man unwillingly drafted into the army during the Korean War (1950-1953), and his brother who joins in order to save him. Exec prod/dir/scr: Kang Je-gyu. Prod: Choi Jin-hwa. DoP: Hong Kyung-pyo. Main cast: Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Eun-ju.
Contact: Kang JeGyu Films, (82) 2 2193 2001


(Project Group) Co-prod: Arumdaun Film Company. Budget: $2.2m. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Show East. Horror film about an adopted boy who becomes jealous and vindictive when his parents give birth to a new child. Exec prod: Kang Sung-gyu. Prod: Yu Young-shik. Dir: Park Ki-hyung. Scr: Sung Ki-young, Park Ki-hyung. DoP: Oh Hyun-je. Ed: Hahm Sung-won. Cost des: Kim Hee-jin. Music: Choi Man-shik. Main cast: Shim Hye-jin, Kim Jin-geun.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Digital Dream Studios) Animated film set in a far-off galaxy, about the princess of a warring tribe who builds a robotic ark to protect her people. Exec prod: Lee Jung-guen, Earl Jarred, John Woo, Terrance Chang. Prod: Jung Kwang-chul, Kang Dong-jun. Dir: Hwang Hyo-seon, Kwak Jae-yong. Scr: David Weinstein, Jordan Itkowitz. Main cast: James Woods, Kirby Orrow, Chiara Zanni, Trevor Devall.
Contact: Digital Dream Studios, (82) 2 2140 4043

(Moviecam) Budget: $1.7m. A public prosecutor investigates a serial killer and discovers that she suffers from a mental disorder. Exec prod: Lee Hwang-lim, Park Seung-bae. Prod: Jung Jun-seop. Dir: Park Seung-bae. Scr: Lee Hwang-lim, Kim Seok-gon. DoP: Kang Dae-yong. Main cast: Kang Su-yeon, Jung Woong-in, Choi Jung-yoon, Jeon Jae-ryong.
Contact: Moviecam, (82) 2 518 0178

(CJ Entertainment) Budget: $1.8m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: CJ Entertainment. Comedy about a man and a woman who live in the same neighborhood and are brought together when they witness a traffic accident. Exec prod: Lee Kang-bok. Prod: Song Chang-yong. Dir: Oh Sang-hoon. DoP: Lee Seok-hyun. Prod des: Hwang Chang-rok. Main cast: Lim Chang-jung, Kim Seon-ah.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Cineworld) Budget: $3m. Backer/int'l sales: Cinema Service. Dist: Cineworld. Period comedy about the Three Kingdoms era in Korean history (circa 600 AD), when battles raged on the Korean peninsula. Exec prod: Kang Woo-suk. Prod/dir: Lee Joon-ik. Scr: Choi Suk-hwan, Jo Chul-hyun. DoP: Ji Gil-woong. Ed: Kim Sang-bum. Cost des: Cha Sun-yung. Music: Oh Seok-jun. Main cast: Park Joong-hoon, Jung Jin-young, Oh Ji-myung, Kim Seon-ah, Lee Won-jong, Lee Moon-shik.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Koo & Film) Budget: $3.75m. Backer/int'l sales: KM Culture. Dist: Showbox. Story of two mountain climbers who meet on an expedition, but are unknowingly in love with the same woman back in Seoul. Prod: Choi Kwi-deok. Dir: Kim Eun-sook. Main cast: Lee Sung-jae, Song Seung-heon, Kim Ha-neul. Shot in Canada and Korea.
Contact: KM Culture, (82) 2 512 8156

(Hanmac Films) Budget: $4.5m. Backer/dist/int'l sales: Cinema Service. Remake of a 1969 fantasy/martial arts film by veteran director Shin Sang-ok about a general whose young lover is possessed by a 1,000-year old evil spirit. Prod: Jonathan Kim. Co-prod: Doe Sung-hee, Choi Hee-il. Dir: Lee Kwang-choon. Scr: Hong Ju-ri. DoP: Lu Yue, Kim Yun-soo. Ed: Lee Hyun-mee. Prod des: Shen Li De. Cost des: Zhou Jian Hua. Main cast: Kim Hyo-jin, Jung Jun-ho, Kim Hye-ri.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Jo-woo Entertainment) Budget: $6.7m. Backer: Tube Entertainment, CJ Entertainment. Int'l sales/dist: Tube Entertainment. A sci-fi story of human replicants in 2080. Exec prod: Kim Seung-bum. Prod: Ahn Sang-ryul. Dir: Min Byung-chun. DoP: Lee Jun-gyu. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Music: Lee Jae-jin. Cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jae-eun, Seo Rin, Jung Doo-hong.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 4157

(Mao Film) Budget: $1m. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Based on a long-running musical about a funeral and the escorts to the underworld who appear to take the deceased. Exec prod: Kim Cheong-soo. Prod: Choi Doo-young. Dir/scr: Lee Youn-taek. DoP: Choi Doo-young. Ed: Kang Mi-ja. Main cast: Lee Jae-eun, Kim Kyung-ik, Kang Bu-ja.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(B.O.M. Film Productions) Budget: $4.2m. Backer/dist: CJ Entertainment. A medieval Korean version of the play Dangerous Liasons. Exec prod: Lee Kang-bok. Prod: Oh Jung-wan. Co-prod: Lee Eu-gene. Dir: E J-Yong. DoP: Kim Byung-il. Prod des/cost des: Jung Ku-ho. Main cast: Lee Mi-sook, Jeon Do-yeon, Bae Yong-joon.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Tube Pictures) Dist/int'l sales: Tube Entertainment. Comedy about a former shaman and his three sons, all by different mothers. Exec prod: Hwang Woo-hyun, Hwang Jae-woo. Scr/dir: Kim Su-hyun. DoP: Kim Chul-ju. Ed: Kim Hyun. Prod des: Park Hye-sung. Music: Lee Byung-hoon. Main cast: Kim Seok-hoon, Yeh Ji-won, Jung Jae-young, Park Sun-woo, Jang Sun-woo.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 4157