SOUTH KOREA - February 17


(Cineline II) Backer/dist: Korea Pictures. Drama about Korea's first female aviator, who lived in the 1920s. Prod: Seok Myung-hong. Dir: Yoon Jong-chan. Scr: Lee In-hwa, Yoon Jong-chan. Main cast: Jang Jin-young, Kim Ju-hyuk, Yu Min. Shooting in China, Korea, and US from late February.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3443 8738

(Cineworld Entertainment) Co-prod: Tiger Pictures. Budget: $2.3m. Backer/int'l sales: KM Culture. A sequel to the hit comedy Hi, Dharma (2001). Dir: Yuk Sang-hyo. Main cast: Jung Jin-young, Lee Moon-shik, Lee Won-jong, Ryu Seung-soo, Shin Hyun-june.
Contact: KM Culture, (82) 2 3438 3842

(Siz Entertainment) Backer/dist: Chungeorahm. Love story about a trumpet player who moves to a rural town to become a middle school music teacher. Dir: Ryu Jang-ha. Main cast: Choi Min-shik. Shooting from late February.
Contact: Chungeorahm, (82) 2 548 2952

(May Films) A woman tries to keep her boyfriend from being seduced by a movie star. Dir: Park Jae-hyun. Main cast: Kim Jung-eun, Kim Sang-kyung, Lee Yu-jin.
Contact: May Films, (82) 2 3444 3351

(C& Film) Budget: $2.5m. Backer/dist: Cinema Service. A horror film set during the Vietnam War. Exec prod: Chang Youn-hyun. Prod: Choe Kang-heuk. Dir: Kim Dong-bin. Scr: Kong Soo-chang, Pil Young-woo. Main cast: Gam Woo-sung. Shooting in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Zininsa Film) Budget: $7.5m. Maritime action film about a modern-day pirate who has been betrayed by both South and North Korea, and who wishes to take revenge. Dir: Kwak Kyung-taek. Main cast: Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jae. Shooting from August 2004.
Contact: Zininsa Film, (82) 2 501 2607


(Film Mania) Budget: $2.3m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Black comedy about a man who takes up ballroom dancing and falls in love. Prod: Kim Yong-dae. Scr/dir: Park Jeong-woo. DoP: Jeon Dae-sung. Ed: Goh Im-pyo. Prod des: Yang Hong-sam. Music: Lee Sang-ho. Main cast: Lee Sung-jae, Park Seol-mi, Kim Soo-ro, Lee Kan-hee, Kim Byung-choon. Shooting from late September.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Sidus Corp) Backer: IM Pictures. Dist: Showbox. Five old friends join forces to break into the Bank of Korea. Prod: Lee Seok-won. Dir/scr: Choi Dong-hoon. Main cast: Park Shin-yang, Yeom Jung-ah, Baek Yoon-shik, Lee Moon-shik, Park Won-sang.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3218 5626

DANCE WITH SOLITUDE [working title]
(Masulpiri Pictures) Budget: $1.5m. Backer: IM Pictures. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Chungeorahm (Big Blue Film). Three men in their mid-60s compete for the affections of a woman the same age in a seaside village. Prod: Oh Ki-min. Dir/scr: Lee Su-in. DoP: Park Ki-woong. Main cast: Ju Hyeon, Kim Moon-saeng, Song Jae-ho, Yang Taek-jo, Sunwoo Yong-nyeo, Park Young-gyu. Shooting from July 18.
Contact: Masulpiri Pictures, (82) 2 512 1973

(Neulpureun Communications) Backer/dist: BM Entertainment. A stupid and extreme teacher causes tremendous problems for her students. Exec prod: Lee Young-su. Dir: Jung Cho-sin. Main cast: So Yu-jin, Im Eun-kyung, Lee Hyun-gyun, Seo Jae-kyung.
Contact: BM Entertainment, (82) 2 3481 5252

(Cine2000) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. A high school student wishes to master Taekwondo, even though he has no talent for it. Exec prod: Lee Choon-yeon. Prods: Kim Bok-geun, Lee Se-young. Dir: Nam Sang-guk. Scr: Shin Dong-ik. DoP: Park Sang-hoon. Ed: Park Gok-ji. Cost des: Kim Hyang-hee. Music: Lee Young-ho. Main cast: Kim Dong-won, Hyun Bin, Jo An, Lee Li-woo, Moon Ji-yoon. Scheduled for an April release.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Culture Cap Media) Backer/dist: Korea Pictures. A young man finds himself engaged to a woman he has never met, due to a promise made by his grandfather years ago. Exec prod: Choi Soon-shik. Prods: Park Jun-seok, Yu Soon-il. Dir: Kim Ho-jun. Scr: Jo Joong-hoon, Kim Yo-seok. DoP: Seo Chang-min. Ed: Park Soon-deok. Music: Choi Man-sik. Main cast: Kim Rae-won, Moon Geun-young, Kim Bo-kyung, An Seon-young, Kim In-moon, Sunwoo Eun-sook.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3443 8738

(Taewon Entertainment) Budget: $2.2m. Dist: Cinema Service. A thriller set in the National Institute of Math and Science. Dir: Yu Sang-gon. Main cast: Song Yoon-ah, Shin Hyun-joon.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Lemon Tree Pictures) Co-prod: BM, LT Pictures. Backer/dist: BM. Romantic comedy based on an internet novel about an ordinary high school girl and a boy who keeps getting into trouble. Dir: Lee Hwan-kyung. Main cast: Song Seung-hun, Jung Da-bin, Park Yun-bae, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-hyuk.
Contact: Lemon Tree Pictures, (82) 2 518 0178

(Dreamsearch Entertainment) Budget: $3m. Dist/int'l sales: Showbox. Based on the story of a legendary martial arts fighter who left Korea for Japan in the early 20th century. Exec prod: Victor Hwang. Prod: Jung Yong-il. Dir/scr: Yang Yun-ho. Ed: Park Soon-duk. Main cast: Yang Dong-geun, Yumin.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3444 6262

(Taehung Pictures) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Story of a man who becomes involved in gang life during 1960s Korea. Exec prods: Lee Tae-won, Lee Hee-won. Dir/scr: Im Kwon-taek. DoP: Jung Il-sung. Ed: Park Soon-deok. Prod des: Ju Byung-do. Cost des: Lee Han-wook. Music: Sin Joong-hyun. Main cast: Cho Seung-woo, Kim Min-sun, Lee Hye-young, Kim Hak-joon, Yu Ha-joon.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(i Film) Backer: Edko Films [HK]. A love story between a tough policewoman and a naïve teacher. Dir/scr: Kwak Jae-yong. Exec prod: Jeong Hoon-tak. Main cast: Jeon Ji-hyun, Jang Hyuk. Shooting from October 2003.
Contact: Korean Film Commission, (82) 2 9587 592

LIAR [working title]
(C& Film) Backer: Sunwoo Entertainment. Comedy based on a popular theatre production about a man whose continuous lies add up to trouble. Dir: Kim Kyung-hyung. Main cast: Joo Jin-mo, Gong Hyung-jin, Son Hyun-ju, Im Hyun-shik, Song Seon-mi. Shooting from December 2003.
Contact: C& Film, (82) 2 3444 2646

MY MOTHER, MERMAID [working title]
(Now Film) Co-prod/Backer: UniKorea. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. A woman who has troubled relations with her parents goes to a small island and learns of her mother and father's love story from the past. Dir: Park Heung-shik. Scr: Park Heung-shik, Song Hye-jin, Jang Myung-sook. Main cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Park Hae-il, Ko Du-shim. Shooting from mid-September.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Popcorn Film) Backer: IM Pictures. Dist: Showbox. Psychological horror film about a university student with amnesia who sees all of her friends get killed as she tries to regain her memory. Dir: Kim Tae-kyung. Main cast: Kim Hanul, Ryu Jin, Nam Sang-mi, Shin Yi, Lee Yun-ji. Shooting from January 2003.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3218 5626

(HIM Pictures) Budget: $5m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: CJ Entertainment. A man and his wife are taken hostage and forced to follow orders from their captive. Prod: Hwang Yoon-jung. Dir/scr: Lee Soon-ahn. DoP: Park Hyun-chul. Main cast: Han Suk-kyu, Lee Eun-joo, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Hyun-sung.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(C& Film) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. A mystery-action film about a detective involved in a $10m drug case and a traffic reporter. Dir: Chang Yoon-hyun. Main cast: Goh Su, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Dong-kyu. Shooting from November 2003.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Studio Plus) Budget: $3.4m. Comic action film about a stuntman who accidentally gets mixed up in a diamond theft. Exec prod: Jay Kim, Kim Sung-hong. Prod: Kim Myung-kyun. Dir: Kim Sung-hong. Scr: Kim Sung-hong, Lim Jin-pyung. DoP: Jang Jun-yeung. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Main cast: Kim Myung-min, Park Yong-woo, Hong Eun-hee.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2 737 1185

(Hwang Ki-sung Productions) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. The world of 1970s Korea as seen through the eyes of a nine-year old elementary student. Exec prod: Hwang Ji-yong, Hwang Ki-sung. Prod: Jeong Jong-heon. Dir: Yoon In-ho. Scr: Lee Man-hee. DoP: Jeon Jo-myung. Ed: Kim Hyun. Music: Noh Young-shim. Main cast: Kim Seok, Park Baek-ri, Lee Se-young, Ji Dae-han, An Nae-sang.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733


(Fun & Happiness) Budget: $3.8m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. The story of a policeman and his female sidekick who develop supernatural skills in martial arts. Exec prod: Kim Mi-hee. Dir: Ryu Seung-wan. DoP: Lee Joon-kyu. Ed: Nam Na-young. Prod des: Jang Geun-young, Kim Kyung-hee. Music: Han Jae-kwon. Main cast: Ryu Seung-bum, Yoon So-yi, Ahn Sung-ki, Jung Du-hong.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Digital Dream Studios) Animated film set in a far-off galaxy, about the princess of a warring tribe who builds a robotic Ark to protect her people. Exec prods: Lee Jung-guen, Earl Jarred, John Woo, Terrance Chang. Prods: Jung Kwang-chul, Kang Dong-jun. Dir: Hwang Hyo-seon, Kwak Jae-yong. Scr: David Weinstein, Jordan Itkowitz. Main cast: James Woods, Kirby Orrow, Chiara Zanni, Trevor Devall.
Contact: Digital Dream Studios, (82) 2 2140 4043

(Chungeorahm) Budget: $2.5m. Backer/dist: Chungeorahm (Big Blue Film). Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Drama set against the backdrop of Korean history from 1960 to 1979, seen through the eyes of an ordinary barber who by chance becomes the personal barber of Korean president. Exec prods: Choi Jae-won, Choi Yong-bae. Prods: Kim Hong-baek, Park Seong-ho. Dir/scr: Im Chan-sang. DoP: Jo Yong-gyu. Ed: Kim Hyun. Cost des: Jeon Kyu-ho. Music: Peter Schindler. Main cast: Song Kang-ho, Moon So-ri, Lee Jae-eung, Son Byung-ho, Park Yong-su, Ryu Seung-soo. Shot from September 2003 to January 2004.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Keyweck Shidae) Backer: Sius, Daesung Group, etc. Heartwarming comedy about a DJ in a low class dance hall whose wife runs away, and who is left to look after his talented young son. Exec prod: Yoo In-taek. Dir: Lee Sang-hoon. Scr: Jang Sa-hyun. DoP: Kim Jae-ho. Ed: Moon In-dae. Prod des: Lee Chul-ho. Music: Kim Chang-hwan, Jang Dae-sung. Main cast: Jung Woong-in, Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Min-seo, Lee Young-ja, Jung Bo-seok, Kim Mi-hwa.
Contact: Keyweck Shidae, (82) 2 514 4242

(CK Pictures) Budget: $3m. Backer/int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. A road movie about a not-so-bright detective and a tone deaf rocker. Exec prod: Choi Seung-hyuk. Prod: Kim Yoon-oh. Dir: Cho Jin-kyu. Scr: Kim Young-chan, Kim Shin-tae. DoP: Lee Ki-won. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Music: Kim Bong-su. Main cast: Yoo Dong-keun, Lee Sung-jin, Lee Moon-shik, Jo Mi-ryung, Kim Mu-saeng.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Corea Entertainment) Budget: $3m. Backer/int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. A student moves into an affluent neighborhood and has trouble at his new school. Prod: Lee Suh-yeol. Dir: Kim Ji-young. Scr: Kim Ji-young, Suh Dong-sung. DoP: Kim Young-ho. Prod des: Park Dal-hyun. Main cast: Cho Jae-hyun, Sohn Chang-min, Lee Jun, So Yi-hyun, Kim Roi-ha.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Zenith Entertainment) Int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Comic drama about a mysteriously talented man and a charming dentist who get together and cause trouble. Dir/scr: Kang Seok-beom. Main cast: Eom Jung-hwa, Kim Ju-hyuk. Scheduled for a release on March 12.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Oak Film) Budget: $1.2m. Co-prod/backer: Aeternam Films. Co-backer: Korean Film Commission. Int'l sales/Dist: Chungeorahm. Thriller about a TV producer investigating a forest that is rumoured to be haunted, who then comes across a series of dead bodies. Exec prods: An Min-joon, Francesca Feder. Prod: Kim Dae-hyun. Dir/scr: Song Ilgon. DoP: Kim Chul-ju. Ed: Choi Jae-gun. Cost des: Kim Eun-sook. Main cast: Kam Woo-sung, Suh Jung, Kang Kyung-hun, Jang Hyun-sung, Son Byung-ho.
Contact: Chungeorahm, (82) 2 548 2952

THE WOLF RETURNS [working title]
(Genesis Pictures) Budget: $2m. Backer: I Pictures. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Chungeorahm (Big Blue Film). Comedy about two policemen in a small town where there are never any crimes. When the police station is threatened with closure, the officers decide to stir up some crime in order to keep their jobs. Prod: Won Dong-yeon. Dir/scr: Koo Ja-hong. DoP: Lee Mo-gae. Ed: Kim Yong-woo. Music: Kim Hong-jip. Main cast: Yang Dong-geun, Hwang Jeong-min, Jang Hang-seon, Oh Kwang-rok, Jo Hee-bong. Shot from October 1 to December 24.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Seasun Film) Budget: $2m. Backer/dist/int'l sales: Cinema Service. Romantic comedy about a woman who frequently lies and the man she meets on a train. Exec prods: Ahn Young-jun, Han Ji-seung. Prod: Kim Jin. Dir: Bae Hyung-jun. Scr: Choi Hee-de. DoP: Yoon Hong-sik. Ed: Goh Im-pyo. Music: Cho Young-wook. Main cast: Kim Hanul, Kang Dong-won.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2192 8733

(Miracin Korea) Co-prod: UniKorea, MK2. Budget: $1.3m. Backer: Miracin Korea, UniKorea, MK2 [France]. Int'l sales: MK2 [except Asia], UniKorea [Asia]. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Drama about two men who go to Bucheon city in search of an old girlfriend. Exec prod: Choi Sung-min. Prods: Hanna Lee, Ahn Byung-ju, Kim Joon-jong. Dir/scr: Hong Sang-soo. Main cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Tae-woo, Seong Hyun-ah. Shot from September 10 to January 10.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484

(Keyweck Shidae) Budget: $2m. Backer: Korea Pictures, Sius. Dist/int'l sales: Korea Pictures. A strange friendship develops out of the fierce rivalry between an underworld boss and a police inspector. Prod: Nam Jin-ho. Dir: Kim Ji-hoon. Scr: Kim Ji-hoon, Han Ki-hyun, Na Hyun. DoP: Choi Jin-woong. Ed: Ham Sung-won. Music: Kim Sung-hyun. Main cast: Jo Jae-hyun, Cha In-pyo, Song Seon-mi. Scheduled for a February 20 release.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3443 8738