South Korea - June 13


(Dream Search Entertainment) Budget: $3m. Int'l sales/dist: Showbox. Drama. Based on the story of a legendary martial arts fighter who left Korea for Japan in the early 20th century. Exec prod: Victor Hwang. Prod: Jung Yong-il. Dir/scr: Yang Yun-ho. Ed: Park Soon-duk. Music: Park Jin-young. Main cast: Choi Bae-dal, Yoko.
Contact: Dream Search, (82) 2545 3797

(Big Blue Film) Dist: Big Blue Film. Drama. Korean history from 1960 to 1979, seen through the eyes of an ordinary barber who becomes the personal barber of the South Korean president. Dir/scr: Im Chan-sang. Main cast: Song Kang-ho. Shooting from August.
Contact: Big Blue Film, (82) 2 2263 7990

(Dream Max) Budget: $1.7m. Int'l sales/ dist: Tube Entertainment. Comedy drama. A high-school girl starts dating a man who is the exact opposite of all she wants. Dir: Lee Eon-hee. Main cast: Lee Mi-sook, Kim Rae-won, Im Su-jeong. Shooting from late June.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2547 9371

(Doosaboo Film) Budget: $2.5m. Co-prod/backer: Film Z. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Comedy. Spoof of the Hong Kong classic A Chinese Ghost Story. Dir/scr: Yoon Je-gyun. Main cast: Kim Min-jong, Choi Sung-guk, Jin Jae-young. Shooting from late June.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2726 8484

(C& Film) Backer/dist: Cinema Service. Horror film set during the Vietnam War. Exec prod: Chang Youn-hyun. Prod: Choe Kang-heuk. Dir: Kim Dong-bin. Scr: Kong Soo-chang, Pil Young-woo. Main cast: Gam Woo-sung. Shooting in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667


(Jteam Studios Co) Budget: $2.5m. Int'l sales: Tube Entertainment. Animated film. Two troublemakers in a world that is powered by human faeces. Exec prod/dir: Joe Bum-jin. Prod: Kim Sun-ku. Main cast: Ryu Seung-bum, Lim Won-hee.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2547 9371

(Project Group) Co-prod: Arumdaun Film Company. Budget: $2.2m. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Show East. Horror. An adopted boy becomes jealous and vindictive when his parents give birth to a new child. Exec prod: Kang Sung-gyu. Prod: Yu Young-shik. Dir: Park Ki-hyung. Scr: Sung Ki-young, Park. DoP: Oh Hyun-je. Ed: Hahm Sung-won. Costume des: Kim Hee-jin. Music: Choi Man-shik. Main cast: Shim Hye-jin, Kim Jin-geun.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2538 0211

(Fun & Happiness) Budget: $4.2m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Supernatural thriller. A policeman and his female sidekick develop supernatural skills in martial arts. Dir: Ryoo Seung-wan. Main cast: Ryoo Seung-bum, Yoon So-yi, Ahn Sung-ki. Shooting from April 12.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Lascaux Entertainment) Budget: $3.7m. Animation. Based on a popular local comic by Chun Kye-young. Exec prod/dir: Min Kyung-jo. Prods: Im Jong-ho, Hong In-pyo.
Contact: Lascaux Entertainment, (82) 2529 4852

(Moviecam) Budget: $2.2m. Drama. A public prosecutor investigates a serial killer and discovers that she suffers from a mental disorder. Exec prods: Lee Hwang-lim, Park Seung-bae. Prod: Jung Jun-seop. Dir: Park. Scr: Lee Hwang-lim, Kim Seok-gon. DoP: Kang Dae-yong. Main cast: Kang Su-yeon, Jung Woong-in.
Contact: Moviecam, (82) 2518 0178

(Zeronine Entertainment) Fantasy. A group of medieval serpent-like dragons are transported to 21st-century America, where they start fighting. Dir: Shim Hyung-rae.
Contact: Zeronine Entertainment, (82) 2 2635 3800

(CJ Entertainment) Budget: $1.8m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: CJ Entertainment. Comedy. A man and a woman who live in the same neighbourhood are brought together when they witness a traffic accident. Exec prod: Lee Kang-bok. Prod: Song Chang-yong. Dir: Oh Sang-hoon. DoP: Lee Seok-hyun. Prod des: Hwang Chang-rok. Main cast: Lim Chang-jung, Kim Seon-ah. Shooting from April 29.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2726 8484

(Cineworld) Budget: $3m. Backer/int'l sales: Cinema Service. Dist: Cineworld. Period comedy. Story about the Three Kingdoms era in Korean history (circa 600 AD), when battles raged on the Korean peninsula. Exec prod: Kang Woo-suk. Prod/dir: Lee Joon-ik. Scr: Choi Suk-hwan, Jo Chul-hyun. DoP: Ji Gil-woong. Ed: Kim Sang-bum. Costume des: Cha Sun-yung. Music: Oh Seok-jun. Main cast: Park Joong-hoon, Jung Jin-young, Oh Ji-myung, Kim Seon-ah, Lee Won-jong, Lee Moon-shik. Shooting from May 1 in Jeonju.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Hanmac Films) Budget: $4.5m. Backer/ Int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Remake of a 1969 martial arts fantasy by veteran director Shin Sang-ok about a general whose young lover is possessed by a 1,000-year-old evil spirit. Prod: Jonathan Kim. Co-prods: Doe Sung-hee, Choi Hee-il. Dir: Lee Kwang-choon. Scr: Hong Ju-ri. DoP: Lu Yue, Kim Yun-soo. Ed: Lee Hyun-mee. Prod des: Shen Li De. Costume des: Zhou Jian Hua. Main cast: Kim Hyo-jin, Jung Jun-ho, Kim Hye-ri.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Hyunjin Cinema) Budget: $2.5m. Int'l sales/dist: CJ Entertainment. Sequel to 2001's popular gangster comedy. A female gang boss suffers from amnesia. Exec prod: Lee Soon-yeol. Prod: Park Mi-jung. Dir: Jung Hong-soon. Scr: Choi Hea-chul, Jung. DoP: Jo Dong-kwan. Ed: Goh Im-pyo. Music: Park Jung-hyun. Main cast: Shin Eun-kyung, Park Sang-myun, Park Jun-gyu, Lee Won-jong. Shooting from March 29.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2726 8484

OH! BROTHERS (working title)
(KM Culture) Co-prod: Mesh Films. Budget: $2m. Backer/int'l sales: KM Culture. Dist: Showbox. Family drama about the relationship between a man and his 12-year-old brother, who suffers from a premature ageing disorder. Dir/scr: Kim Yong-ha. Main cast: Lee Jung-jae, Lee Beom-soo, Lee Won-jong, Lee Moon-shik, Ryu Seung-su. Shooting from April 4.
Contact: KM Culture, (82) 2512 8156

(EGG Films) Budget: $2.3m. Backer: Daesung Group. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Show East. Mystery drama. A man is kidnapped and thrown into a private jail for 15 years without realising what he did wrong. On his release, he tries to discover who imprisoned him. Exec prod: Kim Dong-joo. Prod: Im Seung-yong. Dir: Park Chan-wook. Scr: Hwang Jo-yoon, Im Joon-hyung. DoP: Jung Jung-hoon. Ed: Kim Sang-bum. Music: Cho Young-wook. Main cast: Choi Min-shik, Yoo Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jung. Shooting from May 12 in Seoul, Busan and New Zealand.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2538 0211

(BOM Film Productions) Budget: $4.2m. Backer/dist: CJ Entertainment. Drama. A medieval Korean version of the play Dangerous Liaisons. Exec prod: Lee Kang-bok. Prod: Oh Jung-wan. Co-prod: Lee Eu-gene. Dir: E J-Yong. DoP: Kim Byung-il. Prod des/costume des: Jung Ku-ho. Main cast: Lee Mi-sook, Jeon Do-yeon, Bae Yong-jun.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2726 8484

SILMI ISLAND (working title)
(Hanmac Films) Budget: $6.5m-$8m. Backer: Columbia TriStar. Dist: Cinema Service [S Korea], UIP [rest of world]. Drama. True story about a group of trained assassins who rebel against dictator Park Chung-hee in 1960s South Korea. Exec prod: Jonathan Kim. Dir: Kang Woo-suk. Main cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Ahn Sung-ki, Heo Jun-ho, Jung Jae-young, Im Won-hee, Kang Sung-jin.
Contact: Hanmac Films, (82) 2 2268 6071

(Cinema Service) Co-prod: Inca Communications. Budget: $1.75m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Comedy. A hypocritical novelist meets a woman who works in a teahouse. Exec prod: Kim Sang-jin. Dir: Jang Hang-jun. Main cast: Kim Jung-eun, Kim Seung-woo. Shooting from March 19.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Studio Plus) Budget: $3.4m. Action comedy. A stuntman accidentally gets mixed up in a diamond theft. Exec prods: Jay Kim, Kim Sung-hong. Prod: Kim Myung-kyun. Dir: Kim Sung-hong. Scr: Kim Sung-hong, Lim Jin-pyung. DoP: Jang Jun-yeung. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Main cast: Kim Myung-min, Park Yong-woo, Hong Eun-hee.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2737 1185

(White Lee Entertainment) Budget: $6m. Backer: SRE Pictures, IM Pictures. Int'l sales: Mirovision. Martial arts epic. Two warriors in the Chosun Dynasty find themselves forced into combat. Exec prod: Jung Su-lee. Prod: Lee Chung-soo. Dir: Kim Ui-seok. Scr: Jang Min-seok. DoP: Moon Yong-sik. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Music: Lee Kyung-seop. Main cast: Cho Je-hyun, Choi Min-soo, Lee Jong-soo, Kim Bo-kyung.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2737 1185

TAE GUK GI (working title)
(Kang JeGyu Films) Budget: $13m. Backers: Kang JeGyu Films, Showbox. Int'l sales: Kang JeGyu Films. Dist: Showbox. Big-budget blockbuster. A man is unwillingly drafted into the army during the Korean War and his brother joins the war in order to save him. Exec prod/dir/scr: Kang Je-gyu. Prod: Choi Jin-hwa. DoP: Hong Kyung-pyo. Main cast: Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Eun-ju.
Contact: Kang JeGyu Films, (82) 22193 2001

(Nabi Pictures) Co-prod/backer: IM Pictures. Int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Budget: $2.5m. Drama. A young couple meet while taking extracurricular English classes, but their contrasting personalities lead to trouble. Prod: Jo Min-hwan. Dir: Kim Sung-soo. Main cast: Lee Na-young, Jang Hyuk, Angela Kelly. Shooting from April 16.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Cine2000) Budget: $1.25m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Third in a series of horror films set in girls' high schools. Story revolves around a cursed set of stairs on a path to a girls' dormitory. Exec prod: Kang Woo-suk. Prod: Lee Choon-yeon. Dir: Yoon Je-yeon. Scr: Kim Soo-ah, Lee Yong-yeon. DoP: Seo Jung-min. Ed: Kim Sang-bum. Music: Won Il. Main cast: Song Ji-hyo, Park Han-byul, Jo Ann, Park Ji-yeon.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667


(Digital Dream Studios) Animation. In a far-off galaxy, the princess of a warring tribe builds a robotic ark to protect her people. Exec prods: Lee Jung-guen, Earl Jarred, John Woo, Terrance Chang. Prods: Jung Kwang-chul, Kang Dong-jun. Dir: Hwang Hyo-seon, Kwak Jae-yong. Scr: David Weinstein, Jordan Itkowitz. Main cast: James Woods, Kirby Orrow, Chiara Zanni, Trevor Devall.
Contact: Digital Dream Studios, (82) 2 2140 4043

CRAZY FIRST LOVE (cheotsarang sasu gweolgi daehoi)
(Popcorn Film) Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Romance. A young man wants to marry his childhood sweetheart, but first he must win over her father - who happens to be his school teacher. Exec prod: Choi Wan. Prod: Han Sung-gu. Dir/scr: Oh Jong-rok. DoP: Jung Kwang-seok. Ed: Goh Im-pyo. Music: Choi Seong-wook. Main cast: Cha Tae-hyun, Son Yeh-jin, Yoo Dong-geun.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

CUTE (guiyeowo)
(Tube Pictures) Comedy. Antics of a former shaman and his three sons, all from different mothers. Dir: Kim Su-hyun. Main cast: Kim Seok-hoon, Yeh Ji-won, Jung Jae-young.
Contact: Tube Pictures, (82) 2 547 9347

(Myung Film) Budget: $1.7m. Int'l sales: E Pictures. Backer/dist: CJ Entertainment. Drama. The extra-marital affairs carried out by a wife, husband and mother-in-law. Exec prod: Shim Jae-myung. Prods: Shim Bo-kyung, Shin Chul. Dir/scr: Im Sang-soo. DoP: Kim Woo-hyung. Ed: Lee Eun-su. Main cast: Moon So-ri, Hwang Jeong-min, Yoon Yeo-jung, Kim In-moon, Bong Tae-kyu.
Contact: E Pictures, (82) 2 3673 2545

ICE RAIN (bing-woo)
(Koo & Film) Budget: $3.75m. Backer/ int'l sales: KM Culture. Dist: Showbox. Romantic drama. Two mountain climbers meet on an expedition, each unknowingly in love with the same woman back in Seoul. Prod: Choi Kwi-deok. Dir: Kim Eun-sook. Main cast: Lee Sung-jae, Song Seung-heon, Kim Ha-neul. Shooting in Canada and South Korea.
Contact: KM Culture, (82) 2512 8156

(Keyplus Pictures) Budget: $1.9m. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Cinema Service. Horror film about a series of murders in a department store. Prod/dir/scr: Sung-ho Kim. DoP: Han-cheol Jeong. Ed: Kim Sun-min. Music: Won Il. Main cast: Yu Ji-tae, Kim Myung-min, Kim Hye-na.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(Zininsa Film) Budget: $2.2m. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Dist: Show East. Drama. A young man in a small town starts to lead a gang of young thugs. Exec prod: Yang Joong-kyung. Prod: Jung Jong-seop. Dir/scr: KT Kwak. DoP: Hwang Ki-seok. Ed: Park Yu-kyung. Music: Yoon Min-hwa. Main cast: Jung Woo-sung, Kim Gap-soo, Eom Ji-won, Lee Jae-yong.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2538 0211

(Jo-woo Entertainment) Budget: $6.7m. Backer: Tube Entertainment, CJ Entertainment. Int'l sales/dist: Tube Entertainment. Sci-fi. Adventures of human replicants in 2080. Exec prod: Kim Seung-bum. Prod: Ahn Sang-ryul. Dir: Min Byung-chun. DoP: Lee Jun-gyu. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Music: Lee Jae-jin. Main cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jae-eun, Seo Rin, Jung Doo-hong.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2547 4157

(Mao Film) Budget: $1m. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Based on a long-running musical about a funeral and the escorts to the underworld who appear to take the deceased. Exec prod: Kim Cheong-soo. Prod/DoP: Choi Doo-young. Dir/scr: Lee Youn-taek.Ed: Kang Mi-ja. Main cast: Lee Jae-eun, Kim Kyung-ik, Kang Bu-ja.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2538 0211

(Sidus Corporation) Budget: $1.9m. Int'l sales: Cinema Service. Dist: Big Blue Film. Comedy drama. The lives of twentysomethings, based on a Japanese TV drama. Exec prod: Choi Seong-min. Prods: Tcha Seung-jai, Romeo Noh. Co-prod: Yoon Sang-oh. Dir: Kwon Chil-in. Scr: Kim Soo-ah, Lee Yong-yeon. DoP: Kim Jae-ho. Ed: Shin Min-kyung. Music: Sung Ki-wan. Main cast: Uhm Jung-hwa, Chang Jin-young, Lee Beom-su, Kim Ju-hyuk.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2264 4667

(LJ Film) Co-prod: Pandora Films (Ger). Backer: Korea Pictures, Pandora Films. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia, Pandora Films. Dist: Bavaria Film International (Europe), Korea Pictures (S Korea). Portrait of Buddhist monks throughout the seasons of the year, from childhood to old age. Exec prod: Kim Dong-joo. Prods: Lee Seung-jae, Karl Baumgartner. Dir/scr/ed: Kim Ki-duk. DoP: Baek Dong-hyun. Main cast: Kim Jong-ho, Seo Jae-kyung, Kim Young-min.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2538 0211

(Keyweck-shidae) Budget: $1m. Dist: Korea Pictures. Drama. The relationship between a man and women with opposite views on love and sex. Exec prod: Yoo In-taek. Prod: Kwak Jeong-deok. Dir: Bong Man-dae. Scr: Kwak, Bong. DoP: Choi Sang-mook. Ed: Moon In-dae. Main cast: Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Sung-su.
Contact: Keyweck-shidae, (82) 2514 4242

(BOM Film Production) Co-prod: Sidus HQ. Budget: $4m. Dist/int'l sales: CJ Entertainment. Occult thriller. A series of supernatural occurrences appear in the midst of everyday life. Exec prod: Lee Kang-bok. Prod: Oh Jung-wan, Ahn Soo-hyun, Lee Eu-gene. Dir/scr: Lee Su-yeon. DoP: Cho Yong-kyu. Ed: Kyung Min-ho. Music: Jang Young-ki. Main cast: Jeon Ji-hyun, Park Shin-yang.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8484