The $5.1m (£3.2m) scheme is aimed at supporting the creative sector in the South West of the UK.

UK regional agency South West Screen has announced the first set of projects to benefit from its $5.1m (£3.2m) iNet scheme, which is aimed at supporting the creative sector in the South West region of the UK.

The first initiatives to come out of the scheme will include a $16K (£10K) “3D Week”, which is aimed at giving people hands on experience in world of 3D film-making and a $67K (£42K) business development scheme encouraging creatives and entrepreneurs to test new business models.

The Creative Industries iNet scheme secured £1.4million from the South West European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Competitiveness programme as well as grants from other regional organisations, bringing total funding for the project to $5.1m (£3.2m) over three years. It is part of the UK government’s “Solutions for Business portfolio.”

Local partners include the Arts Council England (South West), Arts Matrix, Bristol Media, and Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy.

Caroline Norbury, chief executive of South West Screen, said; “South West Screen is pleased to be leading the Creative Industries iNet and by working with our local partners, we hope to unearth and help develop a host of groundbreaking ideas and models that will firmly secure the South West’s place on the map as an international creative competitor.”