UK company Orientrose is totake a 13% stake in Trigger Street Independent, the newly-formed low-budgetoffshoot of Kevin Spacey and DanaBrunetti's Trigger Street production company.

Orientrose also has anoption for a further 32% of the company for a payment of $500,000. The othershareholders include a trust of which Spacey is a beneficiary, along with NewYork-based actor-producers Mark and Adam Kassen.

Orientrose first teamed withSpacey on Beyond The Sea, theactor's bio-pic of Bobby Darin which world premieres at Toronto this month. TheBritish company, which recently entered film and raises cash through London'sAIM stock market, provided extra post-production costs after the film's budgetescalated.

Trigger Street Independentaims to make at least three digital feature films a year using a profit sharingmodel with the cast and crew.

Orientrose added it isreviewing other opportunities in the UK and the US.