Spain looks set to gain its biggest ever studio complex after the backers behind the proposed 'Audiovisual City' greenlit the project this week.

The complex, newly dubbed "The City of Light" (La Ciudad de la Luz)', is being supported by the Valencia regional government and as-yet-unnamed partners from the 'Spanish and international film industries'.

The project, spearheaded by Valencian director Luis Berlanga, is being billed as the most ambitious studio planned for construction in Europe this year.

The 275,000 square metre complex will incorporate production and post-production facilities, a training school, an open-air theatre, offices, hotels, restaurants, discos and shopping. The central structure will house nine fully-equipped sound stages with annexed buildings for auxiliary services and storage, as well as state-of-the-art post-production facilities and screening rooms.

Another 450,000 square metre back-lot will be reserved for outdoor shoots, spreading out to the nearby Mediterranean beach where a water tank will be equipped to create waves, rain, wind and fog.

Also housed in The City of Light will be a residential training academy - the 'School for Cinema and Television Technicians'. The facilities will target their services to film and television crews from Spain and abroad