Spanish exhibition major, CAEC, has launched the territory's first cinema loyalty pass, two weeks after French film support body, CNC, concluded that the introduction of the card system has benefited both exhibitors and distributors in that country, where UGC, Gaumont and Pathe have all launched versions. (Screendaily Dec 20, 2001)

The Spanish pass, dubbed the Practical Card (Tarjeta Practica), will be sold on an annual basis, payable monthly at Euros 20, slightly more than the French versions, which average out at Euros 18.

With average ticket prices in Spain valued at Euros 4.2 (pts700) - the lowest in Europe bar Portugal - the card would be profitable for patrons who see at least five films per month.

Tickets in the major Spanish cities, however, cost an average Euros 5.4 (pts900), making the card much more valuable.

CAEC, a joint venture between Lauren Films, Cines Abaco and Cinebox, is Spain's largest cinema chain, operating close to 400 screens. The company is expected to close deals with other exhibitors to accept the pass.