ScreenDaily’s weekly round up of the local and independent releases in key markets this week.


Revolver Entertainment are giving indie film-maker Jim Jarmusch’s latest effort, The Limits Of Control, a limited release in key cities from December 11. The thriller is the story of a mysterious loner carrying out a criminal job, and features a star cast which includes Isaach De Bankolé, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and Bill Murray.

Alexis Dos Santos’ off-beat comedy Unmade Beds reaches cinemas in London and key cities, distributed through Soda Pictures. The film follows two people who live in the same warehouse, but are unaware of each other until fate lends a hand.


Nicolas Vanier’s Loup (Wolf) went out in France this week courtesy of Pathe Distribution. The adventure film stars Nicolas Brioudes, Pom Klementieff and Min Man Ma in the story of Serguei, a young nomad in eastern Siberia who is appointed oversee his clan’s reindeer herd. The threat from stalking wolves is ever-present and Serguei has been raised to slay them without thinking twice. He finds himself faced with a life-altering conflict, however, when he befriends a she-wolf and her pups.

Welcome To The Sticks star Kad Merad is back in a comedy this week, RTT. The StudioCanal release, directed by Frederic Berthe, is an adventure comedy about happy guy Arthur whose life is overturned when his longtime girlfriend leaves, without notice, to marry someone else. Arthur sets off to Miami to win back his love at her impending nuptials but en route he encounters Emilie, a young woman who has stolen a painting on behalf of a Miami-based boss. When Emilie hides the painting in Arthur’s bag, the two become inseparable in their efforts to evade the cops. Melanie Doutey and Manu Payet also star.

Oscar Et La Dame Rose is a Wild Bunch Distribution release that also came out on Wednesday in France. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s drama about a young boy sequestered in a children’s hospital but unaware of the truth surrounding his disease, focuses on the unlikely friendship the boy develops with Rose, a woman who creates a new world for him in the space of just a few days. The singularly-named Amir plays Oscar with Michele Laroque, Amira Casar and Max von Sydow helping to round out the cast.


German production house Tradewind Pictures is working for the first time with distributor Neue Visionen on the release of Eva Dahr’s moving love story The Orange Girl. The film, based on the bestselling novel by Jostein Gaarder, which is being handled internationally by Beta Film The Norwegian - German-Spanish co-production opened on 60 screens throughout Germany.

Zoltan Paul’s comedy Unter Strom, starring Harald Krassnitzer, Catrin Striebeck, Robert Stadlober, and Hanno Koffler, is released at 20 locations nationwide by Salzgeber. Paul is accompanying the promotion of his second feature with a video blog and a tour around Germany visiting cinemas in Berlin, Hamburg, Jena, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Soest and Dortmund, among others.

Carolin Otto’s Der Weisse Rabe is opened by Barnsteiner-Film at eight locations, including Augsburg, Berlin, Munich, Ulm and Fürstenfeldbruck. The documentary follows one of the last Holocaust survivors Max Mannheimer, who keeps the memory of his terrible experiences alive by giving talks about his time in Dachau and Auschwitz.


Young French director Mona Achache’s bittersweet comedy drama Hedgehog hits Spanish cinemas through Alta Films on 96 prints following a successful run in French cinemas where it took $6m. Based on Muriel Barbary’s bestselling novel The Elegance Of The Hedgehog, the film tells the story of a bored 11 year old girl who decides she wants to end her life when she reaches 12.

Sony will release Nimrod Antal’s action thriller Armored, starring Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne and Jean Reno. The film, about a heist that goes wrong, has only been released in the US so far and made a relatively uninspiring $7.5m despite positive reviews.

Vertice Cine will be showing Alvaro Brechner’s multi-award winning Spanish-Uruguayan drama Bad Day To Go Fishing in local cinemas, following its long run on the festival circuit. At Mar Del Plata, Gary Piquer picked up the best actor award for his performance as an agent of the former strongest man on earth who competes in wrestling competitions all over South America. The film is Uruguay’s entrant for the foreign-language Oscar.